Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TR- 6 $$$ Dan Dream Car

 This a Triumph TR-6 build in the 70's and is a British made car.
As you can see it is a two seater sports car.
In high school a young lady in my class had a purple one, with an oak dash, it was really cool.
I would like to own one, but there not cheap.
This one is in pretty poor shape, and they still want to much for it.
Asking $17,000.00.
They have and in line 6 cylinder with a 5 speed over driver, dual side draft carburetter.
They were pretty quick in in there day.
But this car only made about 150 hp.
My Metro has 52 hp.
It could accelerate from zero to 60 mph
in 8.2 seconds and has a top speed of 120 mph.
I have seen about 3 or so in the Rogue Valley.
There could be more, but they only build
86,249 and these were exported.
They have bad rust problems in the frams and fends, and floor pans, I have seen some you could stick your feet right through the floor.
So most of them are just going away.
One day I may find one to rebuild, and just install and American engine and trans.
But it is fun to dream.

Monday, October 08, 2012

The Summer Work Out

So the summer is gone and I'm done also.
I did four 5 k races and was able to cut 1 minute off my times.
Begining with 29:53 to 28:40.
Then I did a long run, I did the loop from the house up West Evans to Pleasant creek, and back down lower Pleasant creek by Wimer grade school and up Queen Branch to Pine Grove back to the house.
Thought it was about 9.75 miles so, went by the house to add another 1/4 mile more so I could have a full 10 miles, but as it turned out 9.70 miles, but not bad for my longest  run to date, I had been running 6 miles in training lots of time all summer, so I push myself  and did the distance in 1:51.20.
Next year I would like to run to RR and and back for a 14 + miles and do one 1/2 marathon. we'll see how it goes.

Later, on September 15 I did the Ride the Rogue, I was looking at the 100 miler, but I just could not get the training in, only had 6 weeks to get ready for it, so about 2 week before I was hitting about 50 miles a week and I should have been up to over 80 miles in training.
So I went for the 64.4 miles, and that was a good call, because the upper arm, for what ever reason, were shot at about 55 miles.
At about half way point I caught up with Noah Jarvie and we road in together, we had a good ride and did the ride in about 5 hours, is came out to about 12.9 MPH average, not real fast, but good for me.
I did this ride about 2 years ago, and it was very wet ride and I did it by myself, it was about 5 1/2 hours, witch as a far cry from the fist time on a mountaing bike with over 6 hours.
But all in all it was fun, I'm off the training till some time in December and I start back in after work in the dark at the school track.
This me at the Pear Blossom, trying edge out that girl there.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Is New Better?

New vans we got in 2009. Run pretty good but new thing do have there problems.
A Ford Vans E-450 with a 6 liter diesel.
One of the thing that I would like to bring out about this motor, is the trouble with inspecting and changing the fan belts.
The radiator has to be remove to inspect belts and the many pullies.
You can not see, but the very top pullies and a very small part of the belt.
I think there are 15 pullies, you can see 12 of them here..
So about ever 50,000 miles, you just going in and change every thing, and hope it last another 50k.
This job takes about 6 hours, and if the shop rates is $85 per hour plus parts, this could be costly.

In the old day you could always inspect, and replace belts pretty quick, like one hour.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Geo Caching In the I V Area

Went after about 10 caches, and only found 4, not a good day caching, but better then and good days work, Ha Ha.
The IV fall cache, never found it
This one was not found, may be missing.

I had never been  down here all the years I had been coming down here to the swing bridge area.
Its about a 10 foot high and all the river is flowing over it, or most of it. a small amount is going around through  a fish ladder, I did not get a look at this.

I. V. #3 ( aka Horn Bend)
This one I found ok, about 1 mile hike in, to some table and a nice place along the river.
No pictures of this one.
But I did come across this little guy watching over one of the caches.

I have been told that the black ones are not as poisons as the gold colored ones, but I can't seen to find much on this. This guy was a dark one and only about 1 inch long. I had to move him around to wake it up, He was found under some rocks I was looking for the cache under, that I did not find it. I have seen a few of theses, before. one of the first timing was when I was fighting a night fire in the Murphy area and I was using the hose to cool down a hot spot, when I looked down and saw this one in the fire light from the fire that I was putting out, a beautiful golden scorpion about 2 inch long running from the heat of the fire, and it was about  12 inch from my foot. So I got a piece of wood and move the scorpion along ways from were I was working. This was one of the first fire of the season, I did not have flash light, there could have been others, who knows.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sun Eclipse 2012

This is what it looked like on May 20,2012 at about 5 PM.
 As you can be seen we were using some of my old welding hoods and lens to watch the eclipse through safely.
Rochelle, Auston, Alex, Robyn and Dan.
The last time we had a eclipse in our area, or being able to see it in our area.
I think it as about 1980, I was in Wolf creek, Oregon, in the middle of town about 8 AM and it went dark in the middle of the day, weird.  This time it was not as dark as before.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun at the Boatnik 2012

This is a little late, May 30, 2012
Here is the picurtes.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where has all the time gone??

I had almost forgot I have ablogg, It has been so long.
A lot has happend, and not sure where to start with up dating this thing.

Ben was sick in the hospital for 14 day in Portland. All started when He had his appendick taken out, and was not able to recover, but He is home now, interesting side note, Ben went in the hospital weighing about 165 and left at about 213 pounds, He pick up a little water in his body, I here its coming off OK.
Ben running from the Hosp.

I have another Geo Metro red this time, I pick up for a fair price and will be rebuilding and selling later. I'm driving the sky blue Metro now and rebuilding the motor in old white 1992 Subuar.

At the company barbeque they roast a hole pig.
The finish up the roast in the big box barbeque and the head was the last part to finish up.
The hog meat was really good,

My running stuff,
I planned four races, one long run and one fast run.
So I run the Pear Blosson 5K   30:53 (10 sec. slow then last year)
Then I ran The YMCA Bridge Run 5K 29:33 PR much faster.
Then came the Rooster Crow Run 3 miles (I think)  26:33
The last, the Rogue River Dual. I only did a 5k 28:50 PR my fastest to date.
Then came the longe run, I had been training up to 6 miles in one hour, but I needed more.
I ran a slow 10 miles around the loop, up Evans crk, down Pleasant crk back to house the time was really good, 10 miles in 1:51:15 so the mile pac was 11:05. Not bad.
Last is to try and run an 8 minute mile, maybe this week.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Book Report Time, The Great Divorce

C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce,
This is one of my favorite books of all times.
I have read this little book more than 20 time over the years.
The story starts out with this man wondering around in the mean streets of Gray town.
His story is.
" I never met anyone. But for the little crowd at the bus stop, the whole town seemed to be empty. I think that was why I attached myself to the queue."
These people at the bus stop start fighting for places in line, to see who can be first on the bus.
Once the bus start moving away from the stop, different fellow ride come to talk to our Man, telling there stories of how there came to be on the bus, till the bus leaves the ground and start to fly, higher and higher, till the Gray Town is gone from view.
What is ineresting, is the main
character has no name, and never does He ever get a name through the hole story.
With Lewis wonderful writing style, you find yourself in the
character shoes, think and asking the same question that He dose.
The book is a study of peoples attribute, how they act and believe.
So you find yourself looking, to see if you fall into one of these character
, who believes that there are right.
Just as we believe, that we right in what we are doing.
Fun book to read, only 128 pages long.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Pear Blossom Run has Come

April 14, 2012 at 7:00 AM the race started with about 1788 other runer counting myself.
The air was a little cool, and some mist in the air, that looked like it was going the rain, but it never happened.
Here I'm coming into the finish, just edging around the female runner, and caching the guy in the black.
I ended up passing about 4 or 5 in the last 150 feet or so.
Being I only had about 6 week to train hard, before the race, I did ok.
Last year I started training right after Thanksgaving, 3 days a week, on the track, at the high school, in the dark most night after work, that was about 6 months.
I felt better this year, through the hole race then last year, I was dead at 2.75 make(last year), and had to slow down to cache my breath, this year I did better.
The time 30:53, for some reason, this is 10 sec. slower then last year ??
I went up in the age group, now being 55 years old, I raced against the 55 to 59 year old guys.
So I  came in 9th out of 26 old guys. In the Top 10 is always good.
Out of all the male runners 598. I came in 293.
And 545th out of 1788 runners.
My mile pace was 9:56 per mile.
My number was 6767.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Open Range?

I did a road trip over Green Spring hwy.
I past by Lincol and Keno and coup very small place and this was alone the way.
A good Ha Ha.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Train Tunnel Cache

This tunnel started in August 1883 for a train to go through the mountain.
It only goes back about 150 feet to the back wall, and very tall, about 30 + feet high and about 20 wide. The work lasted about 6 months all end on Feb 8, 1884, run out of money.
About 3 miles round trip and was able to miss the rain and snow, but the high winds was blowing pretty good.
I need to go back and find the other tunnels. Cache.

I did not go in it was to wet and muddy.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Salt in Salt Creek ?

To the left is Salt Creek Falls.
Nice falls, dropping about 60 feet or so.
And a cache there also Salt crek Falls.

Up the road is a place called "Salt Creek" and why is it called Salt Creek?
The old timers (1900) would take water from this spring that dumps into the creek and make salt from it by boiling it down till all that was left was salt. And then take it into town and sell it.
The spring to the right is about 3 feet above the creek and about 25 feet from the creek.
Below you can see the salt build up on the rocks and the other to the lower left is the build up of salt, it must be about 3 feet deep.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Pear Blossem in 30 day.

I started running last week, in plans of running the pear blossem.
I did run threes day, with a top time of 22 minutes, with some foor problems.
I have about 30 day to get in shape for Pear Blossem run.
The plans was 29 minutes, but because of the short training time, just hoping for 34 minuts.
Up date. 4/1/2012
My training is going will, and I have add arch support to the shoe and I doing even better.
The shoes are about done for I have about 550 mile on this set, but its to close to the Pear Blossem to buy new ones and get them broke in, so I will make it another 3 week on these.
I have been training, based on time, starting at 20 minutes and going up each week by 5 minutes, I'm up to 40 minutes this week and the last real training week, next week will just be a warm up and then I run on Saturday at 7 AM.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Blue car is on the road.

The old white subaru died the other day on the way home so the Blue (Blue Sky) Geo was but to work a little quick then planned.
It runs will and I have about 400 miles on it and its getting over 40 mpg.
I got most of the meld dew smell gone, I had to run the heater on high for about week.
Still lots of little things to do.
I have done the brakes and door hinge pins.
Found and nice radio at the P and P yard for $10 its a AM/FM, CD and cassette.
As of now I used 37.6 gal of gas on 1600 miles with an 43.9 mpg averaged.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The almost the last snow of the year.

The snow just seem to not run out.
But here is picurer of one of the last storm of the hear.
When I started this I thought the snow was over, but I was so wrong.
We had lots of little storm.
I was in Willams pulling buses out of 8 inches of snow.
I had two buses stuck pretty good, I got one out in about 15 minutes with a shovel, after driving for 45 minutes. Ha Ha.
The other one had drop off the road in to a ditch by the time I had gotten there.
I didn't have my camera with me but it was fun.
Just Sunday(March 18), on the way from church, we had about every weather you could guess,
Snow, hale, sleat, white out, blowing sides way and flat sides, but we did not see any snow, snowing up yet, Ha Ha.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Anniversary to Mark the Month Febraruay

Rochelle and Dan were married 33 years ago on Feburay 9.
It seem just like yesterday, that this took place.
We went out to a movie and dinner and had a good time.
Boy what a long time, my parent last only 25 years.
It seem to get easier, some ways and harder in other ways.
But you gotta laughing every day, its to hardar to cry.
These are the only pictures I have, I lost all the goods one when the computer crashed last year. I'll let you guess who is who. Ha Ha.

Monday, February 06, 2012

The Running is Slowing Down

Last week I was running at the RR track and was doing some short speed runs.
And I injured my left foot, or danage the arch area of my left foot.
So this, happened to my right foot about 8 years or so ago, and took more then a year for it to heal, but it never really completely healed.
Now I went out tonight and jogged about a 1.5 miles, with some changes to the arches of the running shoes and it seem to have helped.
We will see how the week goes.
Rogue River Run is February 19 :(

Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Plates

Had to get license plates for the Blue Geo
It a "SHARE THE ROAD" plate.
The funds go to "Cycle Oregon" and "Bicycle Transportation Alliance"
Its only $10 more for the set, and the best of all its
a one time cost, it is not every time you renew the tags.
So, I haven't come up with the words for this acronym.
F E J A - For Every Jumping Ahead.
That not very good.
Any ideals.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Blue Geo

Been looking for another Geo Metro, to replace Red one.Would like a four door, but none around right now, so I pick this one around the corner on Pine Grove, for a song and a dance, the motor and trans seem realy good, some small leaking to fix.But the carpet is really bad, and the inside is pretty dirty, and it needs a pair of front tires.I have already found a replacement driver seat and pull the old rug out.Should have this all done by April, just in time, I hear that gas prices are going up, this spring and into summer, this would be a good time to sell the Red Geo rag top.For the miles on it, it runs pretty good, 165,000 miles.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Move Night

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Rochelle and Dan went out tonight (4:30) and caught this move.
A good move and lots of action and a good ending.
A little long over 2 hours.
A good one to see if your looking a good one.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Off and Running Again

And up date from 2011 and my running.
I did four 5K races and one Duathlon.
I started training after Thanksgaving 2010, I think I could just jog about 1/3 of a mile with out stopping.
And the first race was in April and I ran it 30:42.
And I seem to get slower after that.
And the Duathlon, it was 13 mile mountain biking and then you get off and run 5 miles, this about did me in, but I finshed, 2:36:20. Not sure this will happen again.
So the plan is to do four 5k and get my time down to 29 minutes.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Great Amazing Cache

The Great Amazing Cache July 2011.
They had this great caching event in Central Point, Oregon.
Had lots of placex and trophies
And had a 15 stage Multi-Cache.
You had to find all find 15 legs whitch had one number in each find, to make up a coordinate, at the end you had to put together all the number and find the last spot or box.
There was about 50 people that show up.
I joined up I-seek 1 and I-seek 2 as a team, and did pretty good.
We went after the avage time it took to find and finish and complete.
We need to match 1 hour and 13 minutes, our team came at 1 hour and 24 minutes, so we came in 2nd place.
There was a young couple who showed up with no GPS, so the guys that was running the thing set they Cell phone up so that there could go and play.
They had a great time for the first timers do this Event.