Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dominic In The Bouncey House

On June 25 the City of Central Point, had this Battle of the Bones, near were Molly lives, about two blocks away.
Its a big food thing, seem like a lot of money for the small amount of food you get, and it tasted pretty good.
But the three bounce houses were cool and Dominic love these.

And they were FREE.

There was a bigger one, but I didn't get a picture of it because I was inside with Dominic.
There were these air block you had to clime over and a hill and at the end, a big slide.

We raced though it. LOL

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Granite-Man Duathlon 2011 Ride # 18

On June 11 they have a triathlon and duathlon at Applegate lake.
The race starting in the swimming area and ends there.
So I did the Duathlon 13.5 miles of mountain biking, mostly single track trails.
Then after that's done, you park the bike and jog 5 miles back to the park were I started with the bike.
John Bermea also was there, but He did the Triathlon, and that is a .75 swim, then He bikes and runs the same distance that you do in the duathlon.
So there are about 21 people doing the Duathlon solo part so we line up and start one at a time, because the trail is so skinny.
We leave about ever 30 seconds or so, you have to walk your bike across the mates, this is to make sure your time is pick by the 4 pads, you can see them behind me in the picture, above.
As I started the ride down this black top path, past camping area, and into a boat ramp parking area, and then you pick up a little dirt trail next to the boat ramp.
I get down the trail about 1/4 mile and I come around a corn this bike is down over the bank and the rider is crawling up hill on all fours to get to his bike and drag it up the hill with him, I yelled out to see if He was ok. and He was, I'm hoping that I'm not the next one to fall the trail.
In about 100 yards, you come out on the main road for about 3/4 mile and lots of passing going one at this point, I got past by 4 other riders and I past 2 myself.
Thin the single track trail comes up, very nice trail, and you drop down into a creek crossing with some rock to get around, about 100 feet past this there is a bike fixing a front flat tire.
For the next 10 miles I pass 3 more and and get pasted 2 times, shoulder hit one tree, and the bike only went over the bank a little ways one time.
Right near the end is a big hill climb about 1/3 mile long, the the super rider caught me on the hill.
I did this part in about 1:22 and then I start jogging really slow.
I was really tired, only 5 miles to go.
I ran about 4 miles and walk maybe a 1 mile. I got pasted lots of times, and I pasted 2 person and I caught 2 just before the finish line.
I did the hole thing in 2 hours and 36 minutes.
I came in 18th out of 19 solos.
I came in 1st in my age group, I was the oldest doing it solo and only one in my age group.
And John caught me about 2 minutes from the finish line, He was really happy about that.