Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dive, With Pumkins

Saturday night, dove out to Early hole and doing a pumkin carvering contest.
Started dive at 6:30, witch was dark at the time of night.
We had this pumkin and knife and a swam out to area and drop down, to about 30 feet.
There was about 20 or so diver in the water, with pumkins and knife in hand.
We had planned on making the pumkin look like hedge hoge, so I cut lots of little sticks to stick in to the pumkin. We put these into the bag that Rochelle had for under water stuff.
Will when Rochelle opened the bag and all(about 100) these stick floated out and we started grabbing these as there floated away, we ended up with about 5 stick so a change in plannes as to what this was going to look be contenued.
We end up using the sticks at teeth or something like that, and used rocks for ears and a nose.
It look pretty good, some had used a paten had a lot of detail work, was cool looking but the ideal was to do it free hand.
The two paten ones came in 3rd place and we came in 2nd place because we used more nature type stufff, meaning rocks and sticks, the 1st place had crown and was done realy will.
All in all it was a lot of fun.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Still No Time Yet!

Getting closer to catching up, still a ways to go.
Need to finsh body work in green car.
Need to finsh the white car, then move all my stuff like 2 way, am/fm, and other items.
Rochelle hit a deer with her white car, seem ok, the grill is cracked, will get that replaced soon.
Would like to finsh the body work this week, but we will see what the time keeper gaves me.
Getting one or two geocaches a week, some close by ones, the ones outside of town I will get this when I finsh the cars stuff.
Get to go diving saturday and carve a pumkin under water, should be fun.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

No Time For Anything

Been some time, sense I've writen any thing here.
I'll get back to it when the clocks jump forward, real soon.