Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book Report "Strnager In A Strange Land"

Aurther: Robert A. Helinlein
Date writen: 1961
Story is about a young man name Michael who's parents travel to Mars, and just as they land He is born and the crew of 20 all die.
This trip took 3 years to get there, and was the first humans to go to Mars.
Valentine Michael Smith, was raised by the Martian.
By the time the next trip to Mars arrived, 20 years had past and little Mike was grown to a man.
And of course Mike grew up learning Mars language and custom.
Mike being born on Mars first, by the laws of earth made Him King and Ruler of Mars.
His parents being very smart, had made some cool thing and patent them, before going to Mars and after 20 years on the market, Mike was a very rich man, so rich, that Mike had to be protected, from those that had control of the moneys.
Mike had to learn how to be human, the language, and the custom.
Mike was taken to a hospital when first can to earth because the gravity here is much stronger and Mike was very weak.
Took all his strength to walk 10 feet.
He had never seen female, so He had no female contact while in the hospital.
The government, did not let the new media or anyone talk to the Man from Mars.
A nurse heard of the man from mars and so, as nurses do, she went to made sure that all his needs were being taken care of.
Mike just learning to talk, asked for something that sounded like water, so the nurse gave Him a glass of water.
On Mars, there is a water shortage, and so water is very sacred on Mars, and so when anyone offers you water to drink, you become a Water Brother.
Or it like getting married, you pledge you self to each other.

Any was, this was a good book till about half way through and then is go weird.
Mike had powers, mind powers, to do many thing, make thing float, and vanish.
Mike even started his own church.
So its okay, I would gave it a 5 out of 5 for the first half and 2 out 5 for the last half.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Bike Tyres

These are really cool yellow tires for the road bike.
Had a hard time putting this thing on.
Very tight, the rear tire I pitch the tube installing it.
I didn't know it for about a week.
So I got to practice on the rear tire again.
I love the color, maybe it will make me go faster. LOLOL
Its been to rainy to ride the road bike.
And I get out about once a week on the MTB.
Maybe next week.

Monday, May 03, 2010

The Slippers

These slipper Rochelle made.
There really cool, will maybe not
cool as there nice and warm.
There the Felted type.
She was testing out a new way to
but them together.
It works will.
Thanks Rochelle, you can make slippers for me any time.