Sunday, September 21, 2008

Daniel Did It!

Daniel did it.

He completed the Duty To God Award.
It took all of the 6 years to complete it, but its done.
Daniel is the only young person I have seen received this in the Branch.

This is way cool, I'm really proud of Daniel for doing this.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Day On Mountain Ashland

Labor day was the day I pick for the Big mountain bike ride off the hill.
We pick Mount Ashland.
We started out with 3 riders and ended up with 8 in the group.
In the picture to the right, going from left to right.
Noah, Dan (?), Randy, Ben, Paul, Daniel, Dan (Me), and John.
Two of the wifes drove the cars down from the ski area back to Litha park and stayed there with the babys.
It is a great ride, total of about 15 miles, and most of it was down hill.
It took about 2 hours to complete.

We found this nice jump, so it had to be jumped.
Daniel making a run at it in the yellow helmet.
Noah made a nice jump.
Than there was Dan, the picture only show Dan landing.
The then He dose this side ways,up side down, and land on his back.
I cut 2 hole in the front tube, and I think thats what made me crash.

Eight started and eight made it down the hill ok.

Maybe we can make the a Labor Day treadication.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Book Report Time, Undaunted Courage

Undaunted Courage, By Stephen E, Ambrose.

This is about the Lewis and Clark, hike, trip, adventure, and exploring or expedition.
I learn that the President Jefferson, had plan the trip out completely.
Lewis was the President's person secretary for some time and the President had been training Lewis for this trip, as He lived in the President home for over a year.

Lewis, also was sent off for 6 months to learn from experts in the fields of plant and animals, so as to be able to write down the description correctly.
Also, another expert in star observation, to learn to use a sexton as there was no know maps of the country that they would be crossing, this information would be helpful in drawing up the new maps.

As for the trip is self:
Jefferson was looking for a short cut to the Pacific ocean by a water way, it did not happen.
They would kill 10 elk, deer or buffalo a day for food.
They ate mostly meat, and at one point, they would consume 9 pounds of meat per man a day.
There favorite meat was dog meat, if the Indian's would sell it to them.

The bear was the hardest animal to kill.
One bear that they did kill, four men with 6 guns, four of the men shot four shots at the bear, 3 shot damage the bears lungs and chest, the forth shot hit the shoulder, the bear started chasing them, the next to guns shot and broke the bears shoulder this time, the bear still was coming after them two men went up a tree and the other two jump into the river, the bear jumped into the river to get the men.
A man in a boat shot one more shot into the bears head, and killed it.
When the bear was pulled out of the water, the bear had 8 holes in it, before its was killed.

Sacagawea, the only women in the group was along to help talk to the Shoshone Indians, so that there could get horses. She did have a baby on the trip, at age 16.
She was the youngest person in the group, until the baby was born.
She had become the property of her husband, because she had be won in a card game and make to be his wife, this was before the trip.

So to translate from Indian to English.
So heres how it worked.
Shoshone would talk to Sacagawea, and than,
Sacagawea, would talk to here husband in French,
Than He would talk to a French men,
And the French men would turn it into English,
So Lewis could understand what was said.

I could go on and on about thing like this, but will not.

This is like reading someones journal, so it was a bit slow at times, will a lot of the times.