Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I still doing this game/sport.
I'm up to 2300 finds, but my standing have slipped some.
I'm only the 135th out of 1600 in Oregon, these days.
Here are some of the last cache I got before going on vacation.

Lucky # 13
A Pleasant Crossing
Ditch This Cache
A Pleasant Game No More
Dixie Cache

I'm adding this funny picture of a cacher at a stingray park.

The GPSr, will work down to 9 feet for about 30 minutes with out any water damage, will, they don't really work because of the water will blocking the satellites
It looks like he is just below the surface, judging by the person in the back ground.
This is one of the those caches that require a picture to claim the find, but normal not under water.
Stingray City- Grand Cayman Islands

Book Report " Waking Lazarus"

Title, Waking Lazarus
Author,T.L. Hines

Starts out, about this boy that falls though the ice and when there get to the hospital, He is declared dead and his body is moved to the morgue.
The boy wakes up, with a sheet over his head, not knowing where He is.
The Nurse comes in to move the body and scared half to death when He sets up.
Later when has grow up, people start to follow him, so He moves to another town and takes a new name and hides for 6 years till, something happens, that He can help fix, with his special power.
I gave it a, 5 out of 5.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Report"Guns Of El Kebir"

Title, Guns Of El Kebir

By John Wilcox
In 1882 Simon Fonthill a British solder and his servant number 352 a Welshman who also goes by the name Jenkins.
The two were hired to go under cover and find out great war secirets for the war in Egypt at El Kebir.
The battle at El Kebir is real history and a famous, battle, this story is build around.
Aliceson, a lost love, Simon can't stop thinking about, ever after she has been married for 2 year to a higher ranking solder, but there paths keep crossing, even when far from London in another country that Aliceson should not be in.
Simon end up save Her life 4 time before the story is over..

A good action story and reads will, keeping you interest, pretty much though the hole book.
I gave in a 4 out of 5.

New Years Eve 2010

2010 seen out with a small group of
family this year.
I think most of uses were in bed when
it really happened.
But Auston had the right ideal when He got to the Ford home, as can be seen here.
At midnight, as dose happen in our part of the world, (bunch of rednecks) guns start going off all over the area, people shooting up into the air.
And we were baby sitting Duke the dog, here he comes running down the hall to jump into our bed.
Duke is scared to death of gun fire.
Rochelle spent some time calming the poor dog down so we could all go to sleep. Good job Rochelle. LOL