Thursday, December 28, 2006

A New Year 2007

The year 2006 is about over and all the thing the I need to do in 2006 are about done.
All the famliy is will and I am doing will even if I am turning 50 in April.
Ben has started a new job, making web pages for book company.
Molly works at the same place disigning the web pages, and is happly married.
Robyn is working work as will for the same place as an edeter, and is happly married.
Sam is in Eugue going to school and has a very nices girl friend, Elmy.
Daniel is 17 and junor in high school.
Rochelle is kniting like crazy.
All the family has learned to scub dive but Molly and John, Molly's ears are to bad.
I would like to chang the look on the page.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Two Babies and I Hit 900 Finds Today

Zac and Fiona, deliver twins on the 21 of December. Names are Nuala 6lbs 11 oz, 20 inchs and Bran 6lbs 10oz 20 inch long, beaituful badies.

Out caching today and made it to 900 finds, my 900th was" EEk's Half Brother" GCYDTJ.
What a fun game.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Started A New Game At Catch Place.

The game is called "TheOrient Express" Its about a train that travel through diffent countrys, and we have to find a cache with something to do with each country.
You could start finding on Nov 18, but I did not no that the game was even k going till about Dec 1.
As to date, I have found 6 caches to fit the game.
Having fun this.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

West Linn

Got to West Linn monday about 3:30pm and fix one bus defroster, only had about 6 or 7 buses out of service. Tuesday I got there about 7 am and started closing out RO and setting up inspections for the next day and see what need to do to get the OOS list witted down.
It rains a lot in West Linn, it east part of Portland, It rain 4 out of the 4 days I was there.
Drove to old town portland and went the Powls Book store and pick up to books. Linny
Seekits The End ( last book of the series of 13 books) I finsh book 12 about a year ago and have not been able to get the book from the Libbary, I did have it on hold for six monthes than I think the book was lost after that, I may gave this book the the Libbary after i finsh reading it. Another book I pick up on the cleans rack was The 5 peaple you will meet in Heaven, look interesting.
I did find 10 cache total the whole time I was up there. One cache was by the river and it was dark by the time I got there and so I could not see very will. I did not find the cache but the beaver in the water about 4 of them would slapp there tail every time I came near the water, scary me each time. I later read that the cache was under water because of the high rain fall and flooding in the area.
The shop is realy to small for what there trying to do, 2 bay with over a 100 buses and only 3 mechanic, need one more mech and one more bay, two would be better.
By friday I had toe OOS list down to 3 buss and one was in the dealer being repaired, and other need to go to deal for repairs.
Left friday about 3:30 and head to Springfield to fix Sam/Emly car, need to install new rotors on the front of the van there have. But I stop in Canby for pick up 4 caches and then onto Springfield, got there about 7:30 and had the rotor changed by 8:30 and left about 9:00 or so after eating. I got so sleepy I stopped at rest stop and slept about 30 minute and made it more about 1:15 am and was in bed after a bath about 1:30.
I get togo back for thursday and friday in West Linn.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gone Out Of Town

Leaving for West Linn tomorrer to run a shop for a sick shop manager.
This is in the Oregone city area, east of Portland.
I was up there little over a year ago to hold the shop together and change some things when the last manager was fire.
It was pretty wet last time and I'm sure it will be the same this time, we getting lots of rain in are area, so it will should be a lot wetter.
It fun to get into another shop and see the thing that they do diffent and how there read the company precceder manalys diffent then I see them, I can always pick up new ideals and thing that I could use in our own shop in southern oregon.
This all so gave me a chang to do some geocaching in another area after works done.
I have load 50 cache in the area, we see what I can do with these.
I need about 50 more caches to hit 900 finds, I'm at 847 now.
I painted the car saturday, it look not real good, I think going to sandy and re-paint one more time, this will gave me a chance to, to do the hood, I pick up for $25, it had a cress on one side, it was better then then the old hood.
We see what happens.

Interesting news, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to hang, after year in court hearings, its about time.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Dive, With Pumkins

Saturday night, dove out to Early hole and doing a pumkin carvering contest.
Started dive at 6:30, witch was dark at the time of night.
We had this pumkin and knife and a swam out to area and drop down, to about 30 feet.
There was about 20 or so diver in the water, with pumkins and knife in hand.
We had planned on making the pumkin look like hedge hoge, so I cut lots of little sticks to stick in to the pumkin. We put these into the bag that Rochelle had for under water stuff.
Will when Rochelle opened the bag and all(about 100) these stick floated out and we started grabbing these as there floated away, we ended up with about 5 stick so a change in plannes as to what this was going to look be contenued.
We end up using the sticks at teeth or something like that, and used rocks for ears and a nose.
It look pretty good, some had used a paten had a lot of detail work, was cool looking but the ideal was to do it free hand.
The two paten ones came in 3rd place and we came in 2nd place because we used more nature type stufff, meaning rocks and sticks, the 1st place had crown and was done realy will.
All in all it was a lot of fun.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Still No Time Yet!

Getting closer to catching up, still a ways to go.
Need to finsh body work in green car.
Need to finsh the white car, then move all my stuff like 2 way, am/fm, and other items.
Rochelle hit a deer with her white car, seem ok, the grill is cracked, will get that replaced soon.
Would like to finsh the body work this week, but we will see what the time keeper gaves me.
Getting one or two geocaches a week, some close by ones, the ones outside of town I will get this when I finsh the cars stuff.
Get to go diving saturday and carve a pumkin under water, should be fun.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

No Time For Anything

Been some time, sense I've writen any thing here.
I'll get back to it when the clocks jump forward, real soon.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bean's Big B-Day

Today is Ben's birthday, everone came over tonight at the house and had Germany hamburgers and cream cheese cup cakes, way good stuff.
Ben is 27 years old, Ben think he is real old.
He got dive stuff, case for his reg. and dive float, and Ben money from Molly and little cars from Robyn.
Had and good time all in all.
Ben is are old kid of 5 kids.
We are going diving at Brookings the week end and sould be a great time.
Should do about 4 to 5 dives and some fish spearing.
Sould be a great time in all.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another Day In School Busing

Just anothre day, they brake and I fix.
Boss says we don't have enough bus so we're getting some ones hand me down.
I will pick it up in Medford tomorror, its and 1995 AmTram Genesis, 66 pac.
It only going to have 100k on the odometer, it could be good. Most of the time its ends up being a lot of work to set up.
Got the rear shock assbley for my subaru and install it after work, and the tire and wheel roll straight, and no shaking at 60 mph.
The new brigde in Rogue River, is to be move into place in the next 5 days.
It only weights in at 55000 tons, and this is not the heavest item that they moved.
It will be moved 25 feet at one inch an hour.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Long Time, Up Date

Been a lone time sesse I'm writen on this brogg, so this is an up date. It had be so long that I forget my password, had to make up a new one to get in.
We been diving a lot, At squal lake, a 20 foot to the fog line, with lots of fish to see.
This labor day week end we did about 5 dives at the cost, at a place called Mill beach and Lone Ranch. these are near Brooking. We got lots of fish, (spear fishing) Rochelle, Dan, Sam, Emley, Randy, John and Ben.
Was in an accident yestday, and go hit in the right rear wheel, and lock the tire up, and spin around in a 180* and was facing the car that hit me. Had to have the green subar towed home and seem that the shock on that wheel had about 30* bend, I think I can just replace the shock and I will do the body work later this winter.
I'm still trying to get to the old Navy Momment out side of Brooking, go to make try in then next 2 weeks.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Summer Is A Hot Spot

A lot has happened, so I will cover it quickly.
Got are scuba diving cert. Me (Dan), Rochelle, Daniel, Robyn and Paul.
So now we get to go diving, dived in thIllions river 2 week ago, get fun.
And now we starting to buy up dive gear.
Elmly gradationed for college, Sam and Elmyl are taking dive classes now.
Jeff is seal to Hile in portland temple.
And now we have only 30 days left of the summer.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Schools Out, Gone Swimming

School is over and the real work begans, lots of radiators and real main seal to replace.

Yesterday we did our first indoor dive.
Shown and test on, 2nd stage losing, cleaning 2nd stage, finding 2nd stage and breathing with a run away 2nd stage, Clean masks under water, how the BCD work and praction with this by doing the fin tilt, breathing with out mask, and tank reval and installation with 2nd stage in mouth, and using alternut on buddy and swinning with alternut for lengh of pool.
And last removing tank/BCD and getting out of pool at edge in bad weather.
Had a get time, and learnd lot of stuff, Rochelle, Daniel, Robyn, Paul and Randy are all doing this.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

10 More Day Till Its All Over

Ten more days till schools out. We got the white bus fix. Turn out to be a fuel filter that we could not find, its was on the fram rail. Test drove the bus to the top of Mount Ashland, ran very good.
Start the Chess series of caches, There is a total of 20 cache in the series, the first 17 have coords to the last three, whitch is chech # 1 and Check #2 and Check mate.
I found the first 8 caches in one evening caching last wednesday.
Its Sam's Birday firday, but He's in Engen going to school. He will be down later and we'll do a birday party for him.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A B-Day For the Rock

Rochelle birthday today, I have been getting her stuff long for about month.
First I saw this is little trail to use behind the riding lawn mowr at B-Mark.
So I Medford story I found the last one, and it was all put together, I just had to fitting into the back of my car. It realy fit with the hatch closed.
Than last week, one of the guys at work said he had a table saw he was going to put it in his yard sell.
So I check it out, and its a crafsmens with iron table and its ten inch.
Stop by and check it out and its a little old but its about four feet wide and on wheels.
Looks realy in good shape, so I got it for $80.00.
Getting it into the car was fun, I stuck in the back and tie it to the seat belt on the back seat.
Got home ok.
Rochelle, Dan, Daniel, Ben, Molly, Robyn and Paul all went to dinner at AppleBee's had a good time.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Work,Work, Work, Thats What Saturdays Are For

I was going to finsh the bushs stack on the new drive way saturday but car thing cam up.
TheVolvo got pull over for to loud of exhaust system in Rogue River and and Daniel run out of gas on the way home friday night and had to walk about 2 or so miles to a friends and got a ride.
And Paul came over to get the half shaft changed because the boot was tore and the CV joint is going out. This took about hour and half to do, not to bad.
The Volvo I had to drope the hole forward exhaust system and weld the some hole and weld the front and back together, under the car. I hate to weld blind, it realy looks bad.
Got it all installed, and its not as loud.
One the guys was sell a 10" table saw at work, Rochelles beem wanting a good saw.
Its a little old, but it works good, Got it for $80, this seem like good deal.
So she has a much better table saw now.
Happy Birthday Rochelle.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Counting The Days Till School it out.

Only about 4 weeks till school is out.
Looks like this summers job is re-doing the bus yard parking.
As will as replace a tank in the wash rack system, I need to build leg to hold the tank above the other one.
I need about the 2 week of time to rebuild the hold system.

Friday, May 12, 2006

A Great Tripe, To Maui, Comes To An End

Left on May 1 and got back on May 9.
Had a real good time. Our condo was about 100 yards from the water and the tempation stay between 73 and 83 degree.
We drove about 750 mile on and island 50 miles long by 10 mile wide.
I found about 20 caches in some realy cool places.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Yaaaaaaaa! for the 700th Cache Finds

I made it to 700 cache finds today, now only 6 more month for get to 800.
This was done at "Deedy's Favorite Homesite" GCN1B4.
We leave real soon for Maui, I can't believe we are real going.
Hope get about 50 caches in Maui, we see what happys.
I will not have computer to log or check any of the cache.
I will have all the cache down load into palm and the two GPS I will have with me.

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Count Down is On

The the count down is for two items.
I'm at 696 geocaches that I've found to date, I hope to found 4 more before we go to Maui.
And the count down for the Maui trip is down to 5 days now.
A lot todo before the trip to Maui.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Game is Over

I log the last cache for Hermits Quest Gold on wednesday the 12 but the puzzle at the end stup me for about 2 days.
Last night I was trying something just to get them off my list of possiblity and I hit the nail on the head.
I completed finds and was at like 310 or something and by the time I log in the anwser I was at 359.
Not to bad. Did not get a coin but the game was fun.
And yes I was the 1st at something in the game, the 1st cacher from Oregon to finsh the game.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Hermit Quest marches number 12

I have done pretty good and finding caches that fit the requirments so far.
Tomorror morring I run out of cache to log on the quest.
I only need 4 more caches to complete this thing. That will give me 16, I'm going to try and get 5 more tomorror and that will give me and easy 17 just incase one of the other don't work out for some reason.
I just might come in about the 250s area of the finshers, this is only if I can sovle the puzzle at the end.

Maui trip is coming up fast, about 18 days or so.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hermit Quest Has Started

On the 25 of March the Hermit Quest started. Its a GPSr game that you are requied to find 16 of a list of 18 caches in your area, as to the requirment.
I started 2 day later then ever one else.
As of to day or by 10:45 tonight I will have completed 7 requierments and sould place me about 350 postation.
It will get hard later to find thing that fit.
Hermit's Quest

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The DC Trip

Will we drove out on the March 17 about 7pm for Redding CA. and spent the night there.
Then drove out about 7am from Redding CA and made it to Windsor AZ the other side of Flagstaff AZ about 10:30pm.
On Sunday March 19 we stopped Windsor and looked at the guy standing on the corner in windsor AZ with 7 girls on the mind and a flat bed for pulling up to check me out.
So there was brass statue and a flat bed ford truck and on the wall was and Eagal.
So much for something to see there.
On Monday March 20 we drove from Flagstaff AZ to Ok, city Ok and spent the night there, not much to say.
On Tueseday March 21, left from Ok city, OK to some place the other side of ST. Louse.
We stopped in St. Louse and went up into the St. Louse Arch, it is 630 feet high.
See all over the place.
Made into VA to Zac house about 3pm.

The next day March 22 Wesday, used Zac's car and found the meto and rode into down town DC and got off about a block from Ford Threader were Lincon was killed by John Booths.
Then about 2 blocks way, was the Spy museison and spet about 2 hours walking around in there. On to the Nation Acive to see the cool documents and down the street to Museison of History, saw lots of cool thing like Signfil shirt, Dorth's red shoes, Armstrong Bike.

On Thursday March 23, back into DC to see Lincols menoreo and all 3 war menoreos.
and then over to White House, and took some pic, and back the Museison of History and finshed it off.

Friday, March 24, Zac took the day off and drove out to Arlington Cementy seen the Unknow solder and the changing of the guards very interesting and JFK gave. Then over to Mt. Verns to see Geroge Washington house he had a nice place.

On Saturday March 25, went to the DC Zoo and over to Air Museison and spent about 1 hour looking at Nol Gal plan and Combin space craft, lot very cool air crafts.
Did go and get my last geocaches before leaving DC

On Sunday, March 26 on place by 7am and into AZ by 2pm run to cach next plan in 20 minutes then onto Portland Or, and of the plan by 4pm and rented a car and got to Rogue River by 7pm

A realy good trip.
Also found 14 caches.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Getting Ready For the Trip

The trip is coming up fast. I have been getting ready for about 3 days now.
We will be gone for about 7 days.

Rochelle and the kids did my B-day sunday and I recived a new Garmin GPSmap 60C.
It is realy cool, lots and lots of new items that the old Legend did not have.
I wll be using it on the DC trip, so I've been testing it out.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Knock The Ball Out Of the Park

The inspection over and came through with flying colors.
Out of 16 buss looked at, only one out of service for broken down seat foam on two sets.
Not one mechanic problem found, on any of the buss.

Out tonight geocaching in the area and found five cache, was only planning on getting 3 or maybe 4 at tops.
End of the Line
Jelly Stone Park
In Joy (2G and Counting)
The Smell May Kill You
Oops! Forgot To Do Something
With the palm down loaded with all the caches this is almost to easy. This should rise my percentaged of finds to no finds.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Will Another Day Down With DOE

The State inspected about 6 bus and there passing with flying colors, only very minor stuff.
One more day and we're see what happens to the rest. I've been through about 6 or 7 of these over the years, so its nothing new, but with diffent inspecteder there each seem to pick there own area for importace and work around that, as will as there interation of the rules, so its a new tripe each time we go through these.
Like to day a bus that has a PUC plate can not carrie kids on a home to school ride, even if every thing is a legal bus by all standers. Think some one has be reading between the lines to much.

Sold the 93 ford to day.
Use the money to pay for the fly tickets back for DC.
So no gain. But break even.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


States, here for my 3 year inspection.
This should be lots of fun.
I will get nothing done at work, so now I spend 3 more days catching up.

When I down load the files into my Palm and GPSr I seem to get diffent counts. Not smal amonts.
300 in palm, 445 in GPSr

Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Fun Pizza Event 36

Saturday was a lazy day, did not get much or nothing done.
Worked on setting-up the palm program in palm and down loading cache pages in.
It realy looks good, so on the way to the event I tried it out and found some problem it IDing the cache.
On the palm list the cache by the name and GPSr its list by the GC number.
So now on a quest to chang to the way the GPSr list the cache.
I was told that the "spinner" soft ware is the way to go. So I down loaded the test ware and it dose not seem to come out that way, so back to the drawing board.

After the event I drove up to BabyFoot lake trail head, I have been thinking about hiking to this one. It about 14 miles from the pavement, and two cache are along the way complete mest these up, because one this tied to the other. I be back.
And back to the lake hike, got up to the trail head and its about 1.2 mile hike on the sign.
But there was some problem to consiter, one is that all the the trees are burn from the big fire that came through here about 3 years ago and two there was still lot of snow on the ground, so the hike would be little hard to do realy quick, so I hiked about .25 mile to get a feel for what type of trail that there was.
The trail is not to bad, I could see about .50 mile down it, and it run pretty flat, for alone ways.
But we have to wait for the snow to melt and I have my doubts that the lake is still there.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Palm Program Realy Works

I receive the ID code today and spent about 2 hours getting this thing to work.
And seem it going work realy good, I plan on using it on the DC trip and this summer Hawaii trip.

Today at work was, see who could hit the bus the hardest. One at 10 this morning and another at 3 this after noon. Lucky for me the damage was to the cars and not the bus.

One more day this week, maybe we can get through this week with out sending something to the body shop.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Its The Trip That So fun, Not getting There

The hike was about 3.25 one way, but it seem alot longer, so it was a total 7 miles total.
I have been thinking about doing this one for some time.
I gussed, that the snow was up highter, so I thought it would not be any trouble.
We started hiking about 12 noon, and was up there about 3 o clock.
Will there was a lot of snow up there, about 2 feet at the top in places. But trees and rocks where showing good.
Wife and daught came up almost to the top but it was to slippery to come all the way up.
I look around the rock and under the rock and on top of the rock but no find. Spent about 1/2 hour looking. Most of the rock was uncovered so I look realy hard, I did not want to leave without find it, but sun was going down and air was cooling off.
So off we went with no find.
Got back to the car about 5, made good time.
About another time or summer any ways.
The Kirby Peak Cache link.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

A New Road to Travel On

Worked on the new drive way most of the day, had about 60 feet to go to get to the road.
Cutting all the trees over 3 inch in size, leaving the stumbs about 3 feet high so I can get hold of them with the cat and pull these out.
So looking from the road you have this stumb forest for about 300 feet, there has to be about 60 or so of these.
Was able to cut the last 60 feet out, but did not throw the limb and logs to day, looks like about 4 hours of stick stacking yet.

The "From the Elk Back" cache I drove up and picked it up and archived tonight. I had been about a year sence a new find on it. I was going to do the same for" The Beaver slide" cache but I could not find it in the dark, I will have to go back in the day light and see if its still there.

Monday is a Holiday so the famliy is go to see it we can get to "Kirby Pick cache" its about 3.25 mile hike so that totals out to about 7.00 miles.
If that dosen't work out, we'll try and find BabyFoot lake, found it on a map and got the coordinates so it should be easy to find.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Day On The Trail

Out hiking and Re-Finding a cache to show own, there still and in good shape.
Just as I was re-hiding the cache I started down the trail to 4 corners, I could hear the voice down the trail, so I walk about 30 feet and just started to see the horse and when it did 180* turn in the trail and dump the male ride on to the trail. I made way over to the horse and check the rider out and he was ok. That why I don't ride horses.
The hores was suprised by me being on the trail.
The the cache "Horse Trail" check out the link.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Palm Thing, Will it Work ?

With some diretion from Blazerfan, I down loaded this cachemate software into my palm.
My son the computer man, had to help me to get it to work. Seems like a lot of steps to get it to the palm, but if it works it works.
If I can get the real program in, it looks like it will realy work good, lots of inform in one place, I have hunted for so long with out hints it going to be odd, to have them at my finger tips.
We are planning some trips and and I don't what to have a bunch of paper with me for looking and track.
Found two caches to night.
Wing to roots
And is the north pole?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Its Monday All Ready

What a day, off to wolf creek to chang alt that locked up and burn the belt up.
Got back to the shop and out again to get a van started that would not start for the other crew.
Had it running in about ten minute, and got it back to the shop and found a bad relay, and the parts house had it stock.
Then knock out an inspection on a van realy quick.
All that before lunch.
Then it started back up again. Go get 2 vans and one big bus and get the crew to do the inspcetions and fix before 4:30 on the vans so we could take them back to use them tomorror.

Ben and Elme went for and hike in the snow up on the big mountain on snow shoes.
They got above the tree line on Mt. McClophle, my GPS got them back to the car.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another Day

Not much happing to day, but the weath has been unseansonal harm, in the 70s.
Read this book "The Tower of Babel" its about PLO and the Israel and the going on between two people.
Just finshed "Master of Space and Time" a funny book.

The 2 cache I submit have been appoved, I realy didn't think it would happen that quick.
Must be getting better.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Anniversary Day

To day we spent all day together, checking out a fossil bed and hiking to a view point and then going to a simple dinner.
I place geo caches at these two place for others to enjoy.
It has been 27 years as of the february 9, when we were seal for eternty, as one, as a team, as a frind ship for all times.
The weath has been very blue skys and clean out, very nice after all the rain. Still use more snow and rain before summer set in.
I have been watching the opening Olympics, Torino games stuff.
Cool stuff, people working together in the world.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blue skys shining on me

Realy nice today, blue skys and some clouds, but realy cold out there.

New man starts tomorror, hope he work out.

Going in early so maybe I can get off a early also.
Plans of test my GPS out after it trip to garmin factor.
Some cache that still need a finder.

Start driving the 95 subaru tomorror we see it gets as good of fuel milage as the old subaru.
Got the CD player moved over and 2 way installed, still need to remove the good speaker out of the old unit for the other car, I have old speaker from it, I'll put these back in, realy not bad spearks, there are 20 year old but still give good sound, no crack or any thing.
Got to get to bed, 5 am come pretty early.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Found It

A nice day at work, was in early and got some of the jobs going before the rest of the crew showed up, so we got a good jump the days work.
Was able to get away about 4:45 and went in to the Cathedral hills.
With the hint, I was able to locate the cache and be the 1st to find it as will.(no GPS)

Got home and my GPS had come in from Garmin, the repairs or trade for a another unit.
They gave me a good deal, only $50. and every one else has to pay $100.00.
The only thing wrong with the old unit was the battery compartment had become cracked in about 5 pieces.
So a good deal for me.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday the Day of Rest

Sleep in and went to church and alls will.
Boys are up snow boaring on ashland today, with the blue skies and some fresh power I'm sure that there be up there all day.
Molly and John, and Robyn and Paul are coming over to eat dinner tonight, smell the roast cooking the crock pot.
Re-doing the bearing in the rear end in the 95 Subaru, good tooth patton and back lash is good but I have this low whinn on desel. I going to try one more thing and if it don't work I'm going set the pinion gear into the ring gear another .010 to .020 to get more tooth contact. I'll need to find some shim stock and cut my own shims.
Tryed to find a geocache yesterday on the way home from town and with no GPS, I new that there wasn't much in the area to, I throught it could be easy, no such luck, the hint had something about a bush, will it turns out, that there is lots and lots of bushes in the area, next time.
I need to get this car done so I can sell the old 85 Subaru, I have a buyer already, need to pull the speaker and install the old ones and CD play, 2 way radio, and move my junck out.
This should take me about 2 nights after work.
Maybe the GPS will be back by friday, the wife and I are planing a hike for that day.
Also the Coin Quest mybe be starting up soon.

Friday, February 03, 2006

A walk about

After work I make a short hike into Cathral hills.
This was cool to get out, and get some fresh air and be out and about.
When I got home and was looking at the and had found that I'd had walked by 2 new cache.
I try find these next week if I'm in the area.

This is Super Bowl week end, I not going to watch any of this, I don't do TV sports.
Seems like a wast of time watching that much TV, and you need to watch more just tp stay on the in as to who is playing who and what player is best so on and so on.

The crew pulled it off and got the work done so, no saturday work, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
the end

Thursday, February 02, 2006

There is always friday

Wife gets a newer car and I get the hand me down.
So now I sell my 85 subaru wagen and get a 95 subaru wagen. Move CD player and 2 way compy radio and all my other stuff I can't live with out.
The old 85 has 247 k on engine and running gear, I sure it would run out to 300k, about 2 more years of driving for me. The some subaru can log a lot of miles.

Febuary 9 will be 27 years of marraged for us. It seem like just yesterest day that we start a new life with one another, not being 2 people but thinking and living as one, and thats how you must live to last longer than the average marrage.
I think in are office I am the only one out of 14 or so people, that haven't been divorced. ( some are on the 3rd or 4th marrage).

Life and just happens if you will let it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No one at work

Will, that person did not show up for work.
Whats up with people. Not happy because of no work and then they don't come the work and still think they should be paid.
They will be finding a new job now.
And some one else will get and new job here.

Replace "Shannon's Cache" to night, I hope it last this time.
That it for now.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Day One

Day one of my blogger thing.
Another day at the grind, people not showing up for work and slowing thing down even more.
So now I'm going in early to cach thing up, and looks like saturday will be a work day.
Watch the Nobel Peace being handed out to night or about 10 minutes of it.
To some one who was stop the use of nuclear energy for war use, but trying get people use it for safe thing like power plants.
Seems like a good thing, but I always thought it was gave for make real peace, like stopping war and killing some place in the world.

Caching been realy slow for me, to many home projects to do and my GPS is out being repaired.
Sould be back in a week or so.
That all today.