Sunday, July 10, 2011

Save the Retiles, Day

I kept coming across little animals that needed saving from cars.

This one was laying across the road up in the mountains and I just missed him or her with the car, went right under it, right between the tires.

I stopped and got out to get this guy out of the road and He would not move, then I bumped him with my foot, then He was moving pretty slow.

Then a day later I went out jogging and at the mail box was a blue belly lizard on the road.
Again He would not get off the road.
Then I bumped him with my shoe and off He went.

So when I get round the corner, and up Redthorn road, there is this box turtle in the road, walking really slow. He is about 6 inch across his back.

Will he was moving any ways, even if it was slow.

And you know when I bump Him with my shoe He just stopped right there.

I pick up the turtle and and was carrying Him across the ditch, when I slipped and fell down and drop the poor thing, but lucky for the turtle He has a hard shell, and all was alright.
That is the day of the great Reptile migration

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dominic In The Bouncey House

On June 25 the City of Central Point, had this Battle of the Bones, near were Molly lives, about two blocks away.
Its a big food thing, seem like a lot of money for the small amount of food you get, and it tasted pretty good.
But the three bounce houses were cool and Dominic love these.

And they were FREE.

There was a bigger one, but I didn't get a picture of it because I was inside with Dominic.
There were these air block you had to clime over and a hill and at the end, a big slide.

We raced though it. LOL

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Granite-Man Duathlon 2011 Ride # 18

On June 11 they have a triathlon and duathlon at Applegate lake.
The race starting in the swimming area and ends there.
So I did the Duathlon 13.5 miles of mountain biking, mostly single track trails.
Then after that's done, you park the bike and jog 5 miles back to the park were I started with the bike.
John Bermea also was there, but He did the Triathlon, and that is a .75 swim, then He bikes and runs the same distance that you do in the duathlon.
So there are about 21 people doing the Duathlon solo part so we line up and start one at a time, because the trail is so skinny.
We leave about ever 30 seconds or so, you have to walk your bike across the mates, this is to make sure your time is pick by the 4 pads, you can see them behind me in the picture, above.
As I started the ride down this black top path, past camping area, and into a boat ramp parking area, and then you pick up a little dirt trail next to the boat ramp.
I get down the trail about 1/4 mile and I come around a corn this bike is down over the bank and the rider is crawling up hill on all fours to get to his bike and drag it up the hill with him, I yelled out to see if He was ok. and He was, I'm hoping that I'm not the next one to fall the trail.
In about 100 yards, you come out on the main road for about 3/4 mile and lots of passing going one at this point, I got past by 4 other riders and I past 2 myself.
Thin the single track trail comes up, very nice trail, and you drop down into a creek crossing with some rock to get around, about 100 feet past this there is a bike fixing a front flat tire.
For the next 10 miles I pass 3 more and and get pasted 2 times, shoulder hit one tree, and the bike only went over the bank a little ways one time.
Right near the end is a big hill climb about 1/3 mile long, the the super rider caught me on the hill.
I did this part in about 1:22 and then I start jogging really slow.
I was really tired, only 5 miles to go.
I ran about 4 miles and walk maybe a 1 mile. I got pasted lots of times, and I pasted 2 person and I caught 2 just before the finish line.
I did the hole thing in 2 hours and 36 minutes.
I came in 18th out of 19 solos.
I came in 1st in my age group, I was the oldest doing it solo and only one in my age group.
And John caught me about 2 minutes from the finish line, He was really happy about that.

Monday, May 16, 2011

One More 5K Done

Saturday I ran in the Bridge the Gap run.
A 5K and 10K, I just did the 5k.
It all started at 8:30AM with a all start at once with no real clock to show the ones at the back of the pack losing 10 to 30 sec. of time.
This started at the Rail Road Park,in Medford, off table rock road.

My Game Face. My place on the board.
I cane in 50 out of 145.
Number 5 in my age group, of 50 to 60 year old male and females.
And cut 40 sec. of my best time for 30 minutes, should have been better, but till me 10 sec. get to the start line.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Table Rock Hike

The RS need and couple of Priesthood holder to go on the hike with them 2 Saturday ago.
So I went alone.
I learn why the upper table rock is call UPPER, it is because it is up river from the lower table rock.
(up the Rogue River)
Marcia Winteer works for the BLM as a botanist and seems to know all about the flower grown on and around table rock.
So have some video of the flow names.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Time

Easter at the Ford house.
We had a fire in the fire pit and had hot dogs and salads of different types.
Paul and Robyn and kids.
Sari and Andrew and kids.
Mike and Brook and kids.
Mike and Heather and kid.
Lots of eggs to find.
The weather was very good to uses.
A small sprinkle of rain.
Had a great time visiting and caching up on what everyone is up to.
The old swing was rediscovered out back, I did not get out there for the pictures.
All had a good time.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jeep, Falls Apart ?

How to take a jeep apart in about 5 minutes


Just for interest.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Big Run, Pear Blossom

My place over all was 420th out 1740 person.

For all males runners , I came at 222nd out of 544 males.

In my age group 50 to 54 years old
I came in 20th place out of 42 person.

I came in 3rd place out of 8, of all 54 year old males in the race.

And the Big on.
I came in 1st for the only person from Rogue River, to run in my age group.

With a time of 30 minutes, 43 seconds, at a 9 minutes and 53 second per mile pace.

There was 8 other persons with the last name of Ford running in the pear blossom, and I came in 3nd in that group.
Now the sad truth, there was 25 person over 70 years old, and 3 of these had better time thin me. ( 3 persons over 80 years old)
Next year the plan is to run a 29 minute, and the good part, I be the youngest runner in the age group, at age 55 years old Ha Ha.

Pear Blossom Result

Friday, April 01, 2011

Maui Under Water

Sam and myself did three dive over there.
One at Five Caves, and two at the Dumpe.
None were very deep, and had lots of bottom time.Add Image

Monday, March 28, 2011

Maui Fun

Sorry, this is so way late in coming out with the video, of Maui.
All the boys are having a great time.
Build stuff in the sand, not sure which ones are having more fun, the little boys or the big boys. LOL

The weather was great, in the 70s most of the time we're there.
It was sad to come home to cold Oregon.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When The Winds Come

Had a little wind the other night.
Started out with thunder rolling for about 10 minutes
then the rain started then the wind begin to blow.
By 5:00PM the power wires were pulled down by a fir tree near Minthorne road.
Both wires broken in two.
Lots of other trees came down, around the valley. Some house got trees down on them, as will.
When I called PPL, to get the lines fixed, said that there was 33, 000 homes with out power, by 6:00PM.
The power was out Sunday night and did not get fixed till 1:00AM Tuesday.

This poor guy's pick up is just not the same.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Book Report " Hidden Creek"

Title: Hidden Creek
Aurthur: Katharine Newlin Burt
Published: 1920
Sheila, a 17 year young lady living in New York, a short time when Her artiest father dies.
A man that was buying her fathers painting, come to pick it up and finds Sheila, on the floor next to here father's body.
Older Mr. Hudson offers to take Her to his home in Milling, WY, to live with his two daughters and help his wife with house work.
After been in Milling, for 3 week Sheila find out that Mr. Hudson real intentions, was to have her be a barmaid, in his bar in Milling.
That lasted about a month, before Sheila, had, had enough, and run off into the wilds of WY, to live with a female rancher by the name of Miss. Blake.
Shelia, must find what she really wants out of life, and meet the man that she will marries.
At time a little wordy, but the story hold your interest.
I gave a 3 out of 5 starts.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Word of the Day "Flibbertigibbet"


We were watching "Joe Versus the Volcano"
Meg Ryan as a Flibbertigibbet.

is a Middle English word referring to a flighty or whimsical person, usually a young woman. In modern use, it is used as a slang term, especially in Yorkshire, for a gossipy or overly talkative person. Its origin is in a meaningless representation of chattering. [1]

This word also has a historical use as a name for a fiend, devil or sprite. In Shakespeare's King Lear (IV, i (1605)), he is one of the five fiends Edgar (in the posture of a beggar, Tom o' Bedlam) claimed was possessing him. Shakespeare got the name from Samuel Harsnett's Declaration of Egregious Popish Impostures (1603),[citation needed] where one reads of 40 fiends, which Jesuits cast out and among which was Fliberdigibbet, described as one of "foure deuils of the round, or Morrice, whom Sara in her fits, tuned together, in measure and sweet cadence."

By extension it has also been used as a synonym for Puck. Through its use as a nickname for a character in Sir Walter Scott's Kenilworth, it has gained the meaning of an impish child.[2]

Flibbertigibbet similarly features as a name in a local legend around Wayland's Smithy. According to the tale, Flibbertigibbet was apprentice to Wayland the Smith, and greatly exasperated his master.[3] Eventually Wayland threw Flibbertigibbet down the hill and into a valley, where he transformed into a stone. Scott associates his Flibbertigibbet character in Kenilworth with Wayland Smith.[citation needed]

Another historical connection and likely origin of the word comes from "fly by the gibbet". A gibbet can refer to a platform or cage used to execute criminals and display their remains outside a town to warn other would-be criminals. The remains over time would be picked apart by small creatures and birds and thus 'fly away'. "Fly by the Gibbet" may also have been used as a sailing expression to refer to hoisting the gibbet sail. This is a large sail that can be used when sailing with the direction of the wind to capture as much wind as possible. A sail that has not been pulled tight will flap in the wind, which may have also contributed to the association.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Not a very good picture, but that's me in front of whats left of a bus.
I'm pointing at the bus number 265, I believe I had a bus in Grants Pass with that number about 20 years ago.
This was taken in Maui, two week ago, on the road to Hana, a long driver to no were.
There is about 75 one lane bridges and lots turns getting to Hana.
Way cool rain forest area, with bamboo forest covering hole hill sides.
Most of the water fall had dried up, but still pretty cool to see.
More pictures and info to follow about Maui.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Report " The Spy"

Title: The Spy (An Isaac Bell Adventure)
Aurthur: Clive Cussler and Justin Scott
Clive as been adding his name to these books, but not writing at any part of it.
This is not a Dirk Pitt book, but Isaac Bell is the hero in this story.
The story is about US building up sea power, for World War 1.
What nation has the greatest sea power at this time?
The Great White Fleet sailed around to world, to show the sea power of the American had at that time.
The fleet was an aging fleet at the time, but in the other hand, no nation had sent there war fleet, around the world in friend meeting of other nation, so the US was the first.
On the other hand all nation were building a ship called the dreadnought.
You can see more about the dreadnought ship in Wikipedia.
These ship had 12 inch guns that could shoot a 805 pound round, a distance of 6,000 yards to 20,000 yards.

Back to the story, some one killed the head designer, and then another one was killed, and before long, most of the head designers were killed and the US ship building program was in trouble, of not have any ships that could defend the US in time of war, if the need should arise.
I would give the book and 5 out of 5.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I still doing this game/sport.
I'm up to 2300 finds, but my standing have slipped some.
I'm only the 135th out of 1600 in Oregon, these days.
Here are some of the last cache I got before going on vacation.

Lucky # 13
A Pleasant Crossing
Ditch This Cache
A Pleasant Game No More
Dixie Cache

I'm adding this funny picture of a cacher at a stingray park.

The GPSr, will work down to 9 feet for about 30 minutes with out any water damage, will, they don't really work because of the water will blocking the satellites
It looks like he is just below the surface, judging by the person in the back ground.
This is one of the those caches that require a picture to claim the find, but normal not under water.
Stingray City- Grand Cayman Islands

Book Report " Waking Lazarus"

Title, Waking Lazarus
Author,T.L. Hines

Starts out, about this boy that falls though the ice and when there get to the hospital, He is declared dead and his body is moved to the morgue.
The boy wakes up, with a sheet over his head, not knowing where He is.
The Nurse comes in to move the body and scared half to death when He sets up.
Later when has grow up, people start to follow him, so He moves to another town and takes a new name and hides for 6 years till, something happens, that He can help fix, with his special power.
I gave it a, 5 out of 5.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Report"Guns Of El Kebir"

Title, Guns Of El Kebir

By John Wilcox
In 1882 Simon Fonthill a British solder and his servant number 352 a Welshman who also goes by the name Jenkins.
The two were hired to go under cover and find out great war secirets for the war in Egypt at El Kebir.
The battle at El Kebir is real history and a famous, battle, this story is build around.
Aliceson, a lost love, Simon can't stop thinking about, ever after she has been married for 2 year to a higher ranking solder, but there paths keep crossing, even when far from London in another country that Aliceson should not be in.
Simon end up save Her life 4 time before the story is over..

A good action story and reads will, keeping you interest, pretty much though the hole book.
I gave in a 4 out of 5.

New Years Eve 2010

2010 seen out with a small group of
family this year.
I think most of uses were in bed when
it really happened.
But Auston had the right ideal when He got to the Ford home, as can be seen here.
At midnight, as dose happen in our part of the world, (bunch of rednecks) guns start going off all over the area, people shooting up into the air.
And we were baby sitting Duke the dog, here he comes running down the hall to jump into our bed.
Duke is scared to death of gun fire.
Rochelle spent some time calming the poor dog down so we could all go to sleep. Good job Rochelle. LOL