Monday, March 23, 2009

Off To See the Wizard

Out driving around on some back roads and I came across this Wizard's house.

It has enough room for me to just stand up inside.

It 's made of cement and wire mesh.

Pretty cool.

Check out.

Even has a window to spy on the Hobbies, as they
sneak up on the Wizards hide out.

The first pictures are of the front and inside and of the inside of the roof area.

It was alone the road about 15 feet off the shoulder, above Medford off of Stewart road.
Or that were I came out after 10 minutes driving.

Very cool pointed top.
Look like a Wizards cap.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Helmet?

Some time ago, I was picking up some parts at this store and one of the owners saw my mountain bike in the back of my car.
He said" I uses to ride, but my riding partner doesn't ride any more".
I thought maybe He was talking about his wife.
He was, talking about His Son.
They had road all over the Rogue valley together

His son had gradated from a local high school and move to Portland and was working for UPS type place and He had been riding his MTB to work, about 11 miles a day round trip.

This had gone on for about a year.
And one day on the way home a drunk driver hit him and broke the bike and his son.

His son had suffered a lot of brain damage from the impact, and so He was not able to take care of Him self.
He came home to live with Mom and Dad.

The owner of the store, told me, that was 3 years ago.
He is just starting to ride again, He is riding real slow and on flat ground only.
His motor skills had been damaged, so He had to learn to walk, talk and eat all over again.
As will as His judgment, so He couldn't tell how slow or fast He is moving on the bike.

I looked at a helmet reporting web site, that test helmets for bikes and gather information of helmet users.
In 2005 there was 756 deaths of person not using helmets in the USA.
In 2006 there was 800 deaths of person not using helmets in the USA.
Funny part you never hear how many riders life's are save from using a helmets.

The rest of the story is.
The Son had been riding a bike from the time He was a little boy, I would bet He wore a helmet.
This young man, was not wearing a helmet that day, when He was hit by the drunk driver.
Maybe thing could have been different if He had??

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Name??

Whats in a name?

This one, got stuck in my head, one day when I was riding the bike.
I could see it down the road for about half a mile.

At first glance, you would think that its a
restaurant or place on the river.
But this is the name of a church.

Remove Formatting from selectionThis one is about St. Patrick.
Makes me think of little guy in a green coat and
green bowler hat.
Doesn't feel to churchy.
I know that Saint Patrick was a Saint.
He pipe the snake out of Ireland or something
like that.
Yes, it dose have the word church.

Here is a coupe of other church names.

So I didn't get a picture of the LDS church sign, but those who have seen it know that is has the Man's name on it, who's church it is.
The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saint.
This seem really important that is name is there, If this is His Church?
Makes you wonder Who's head of these other churches ??
Doctrine and Covenants 20:1, 115:4
Corinthians 1:10

Saturday, March 07, 2009

I'll Still Out Here In Blog Land

Just have not been able to get my self to blog.
Been sick with a cold thing that wouldn't go away, about 3 times, sens Thanksgiving.
And some were in all that I got the flue, coming out of both ends, not good.
And then the Dr. at my DOT phy. informed me that I should have Gastroenterology do His thing.
So that was done yesterday.
SOOOO I'm done being sick, and would like to get back to doing the normal thing.

I have pictures from the Endoscopy but I think I will not post these. LOL