Sunday, January 20, 2013

New High Number

It happened on Saturday Januay 19,  I found my 2500th cache.  Only took a little over 9 years and 9 months to do. Been pretty slow this past year, not going out to many times to cache. But here it is, the cache is called "Copper" named after a road near by the cache.  I had been at 2495 for about six months, so I got out there and did it. This is the GC number to the cache, if you click on the GC number it will take you to the cache page.
GC2JTFG I did find 8 other cache that same day, it was a good day caching, I would like to plan a road trip this summer and do more caching in a different part of Oregon and Califoria, I have to work on that.

Snow December 2012

As you can see, we did have little snow on December 18. It did buld up to about 3 or more inches and then melted a little.  Then the temp dropped and the snow lasted about 2 weeks.    But as of today the temp has been running abour 25 to 35 degrees for about 3 week and just will not warm up, I wish it would cloud up and rain, that way the temp would come up to the 40 any ways. We have had a much longer spell of cold, then we normal get, but this is all good, it can kill some of the bad bugs the lay in the top soil till the weather warms up and come back to life and eat every thing.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Daniel Back From His Mission

Here is Daniel on November 28, 2012 at the airport in Medford Oregon.

If you look really close, you can tell that He is really happy to be home. LOL

He spent two years in the San Fernando Caifornia Mission.

He was at 7 address,
Santa Clarita
Canyon Country
West Hills
Woodland Hills

Daniel really loved his mission and really did not want to come home, He would have stay and did his missionary thing with is big smile.

That being said, He is also glad to be moving on in life and so He is making the change to being a normal member of the church, find a nice girl, that I'm ok , LOL.

And is planning to go to school real soon, just not sure were and when, and subject of study has be selected so now the wheels are in motion.
We love having Him at the house, He is some much fun to have aroud.
The top picture is Paul F. and Daniel, Daniel's best friend from high school.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Highest Peak In Josephine County

Looking from a near by peak out.
I hiked in October 12, 2012
Looking at Mt. Shasta in Ca.
That high peak happens to be Grayback Mountain at 7055 feet.
For being the highest, you really can't see it all that much.
The view to the left is look in the the Medford area I think.

Looking back down into Williams area.
 This view(above) is look at Mount Shasta, whitch is over the border in Calfornai.

 Left not sure, but could be in the Grants Pass, area.

On a peak near by, looking at GrayBack.
This shot is of Grayback, it self, I did not get there as you can guess, because I run out of time.
 It was about half a mile or so, but there is no trail so I had to cut crosss countery to get there, maybe about 30 to 40 minutes to do this.
I had planned to come in from the other side on the next trip.
Hope I get back before the snow flys. The snow came down to 3000 feet two weeks later, and stayed there for about 4 weeks. I did hide a cache on this peak, put it will have to wait tobe list next year when I go back to place the other 2 caches, it should under about 6 foot of snow.
Looking from Sugar Loaf at the back side of Grayback.

Looking  Mt. Mclought

The trail start near the rocks and goes across rock field all the way over to Oregon Cave area.
 Left looking up from the trail to Grayback peak.
Sign to every place.
 Signs pointing out place to go, I went right to Windy Gap and Surger Loaf peak.
Behind the sign and up the hill is the Grayback.
The cablen down the trail.
I had read the cabien had burn down, so I did not go over that way, but from area shot, you can see the roof ??

Below, different trail I passed along the way.
Trail marker, also the fork in the trail.
Caben some place down there.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Found That Missing Bolt

This is a bad place to store a missing bolt. Ha Ha
I bought this Metro a few months back and the guy said that the water pump started leak so He installed a new one and drove it around the block and then it started making this noisey and would hardly run to get back.
Must have work on it for a few months, changing the timing belt around to different spot on the gears, and messing with distributor cap, and bought a different fuel injection unit and I'm sure a lot of other things that I don't know about.
So, the story gose like this, this Guy had to take the top of the air cleaner off to get to the water pump, and must have set some of the water pump bolts in the lower half of the of the air filter housing.
And then you know what happened next.
One of the bolts was missing, I sure he thought some one was playing tricks with Him, or one of the kids must have took it and thow it away, and now He had to get another one.
Will here it is.
It run so bad, that it was not ran to long and did  not do any damage.
The only thing is you can't get to it with out removing the head.

So, I now have it all back together and it runs much better now, I drove it about 15 miles last week.
This is my new project car, 1994  4 door Geo Metro, the color is red, not my favorit color, so some time down the road I'm going have to paint it, maybe sliver or California Gold.

Caching on Mt. Elijah

The hike to Mt. Elijah was good little hike.
Look down on Bigelow Lakes mostly pond lills.

I did this hike on November 10, with Blazerfan, we did the hike in about 1 hour.
It was a little cool, being that it is over 5000 feet at the top.
Blazerfan let me be the First To Find the geo cache.

Look from the top down from the top.
This Mt. Elijah at the top left.
And Bigelow is down below on the right.