Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How Big Do They Get?

This one is the second snow man that was build.

The City had the first one taken down.

The story is, a Christmas Miracle had taken place.

This guy was build over night, by who, no one is saying and the city is going to want, a day or two, before doing something.

Its only 25 feet tall.

Monday, December 08, 2008

A Title, What Is In A Title Any Ways?

I'm tried of the Title of my blog.

So I'm going to re-title the blog.

Any new ideals?

Here is some ideals of my own.

My Turn On Earth.

While On Earth, I Did....................!

My Vacation On Earth.

One Fun Day On Earth

My Holiday On Earth.

My Walk About On Earth.

Memorable Days On Earth

Dan's Mission On Earth.

What Happed, When Dan Got to Earth.

When I Passed By Earth On My Way to Eternity.

Any other ideals, please vote or add a titles of your own.

There has been over 65 posting this year.

The the real number of comments thank to all is 385 or pretty close to that.

I would like to thank all, who read this thing and write comments, even if there short remarks. :)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Life of a Model

Rochelle's model.

Gotta test the hat's out on something, my head is to big.

She not to happy about this.

"What I have to do, to stay on mommy lap."

Friday, December 05, 2008

Field Trip for the Dogs

I was out driving around the day after Thanks Giving, and I came across this.

This man had 6 dog, on a foot ball field.
All taking turns doing trips and
different thing with them.

Whats interesting is that each dog wait his turn to play.

He has frisbees in his hands.

No school this day.

I don't think the school let dogs on the property, because they leave land mines behind.

You found this information posted at gates around schools.

Monday, December 01, 2008

How Low Will they Go?

Gas prices, that is.

This is one of our, local station, in Grants Pass, Oregon.

I drive by here almost everyday.

I came by here, at 6 AM at $1.99
and the next morning at 6 AM it had drop to 1.89, a .10 over night. ??

The family members in other countries, with really high prices, would find this interesting.

Lets hope it stay like this for a year or more, but I sure it will go back up in the spring, to $3.00 or more.

I wonder what other people are paying this time of year?

I was looking at a blogger in upper New York, show a local pump with $ 1.59.

As of 12/5/08 the sign now reads $1.79.