Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Wreck

In December last year, this bus was hit, in its on lane, and hit pretty hard.
The good thing is everyone walked away.
 The bus was traveling about 25 mph going into a left hand curve and the car, a small 4 door, coming from the other direction and slid out of his lane into the buses lane, don't know how fast the car was going ? 
This happened so fast, I do not think the driver had any time to steer away or applie the brakes. I watch a inside camera shot of the the accident, and it happed very fast. But that being said. The driver was up out of his seat and moving to the back to get the kids out almost befor it stopped moving. The bus was empted out in about 1 minutes. In most cases the driver seat there in shock, and only starts moving after there hear the kids in the back.
The car was pushed all the way back to the front axle of the bus, with the windshield just showing, and front doors pin shut, the driver had to climb out the roof hatch to get out of the car, driver was check out at hospital and Ok.  
The kids, most went on to school on another big bus and a two kids were check out and went to school later. The driver was ready to do the PM route but the boss sent him home, and he did the route the next morning.
At the point of contact between the bus and car, the bus carried the car about 60 feet before coming to a complete stop, the bus stay in its lane, just went straght.
The interesting point is when a air brakes system breaks a line or just loses the air in the system the rear brake set-up or go to full lock-up, this can take 15 to 30 seconds to happen.
What I'm leading up to, the car, when it went under the front of the bus, it cut the bottem of the foot brake valve into 4 pieces, so the driver could not uses the brakes even if he wanted to, thank to air brake system.
Now if this was a hydraulic brake system, the bus would have just kept rolling till the car was mashed up enough to stop the bus. The bus save the car drivers life, by stopping on its own. 

Now if this would have been a log truck or other big truck, the car would have been completely run over before stopping.