Sunday, November 12, 2006

West Linn

Got to West Linn monday about 3:30pm and fix one bus defroster, only had about 6 or 7 buses out of service. Tuesday I got there about 7 am and started closing out RO and setting up inspections for the next day and see what need to do to get the OOS list witted down.
It rains a lot in West Linn, it east part of Portland, It rain 4 out of the 4 days I was there.
Drove to old town portland and went the Powls Book store and pick up to books. Linny
Seekits The End ( last book of the series of 13 books) I finsh book 12 about a year ago and have not been able to get the book from the Libbary, I did have it on hold for six monthes than I think the book was lost after that, I may gave this book the the Libbary after i finsh reading it. Another book I pick up on the cleans rack was The 5 peaple you will meet in Heaven, look interesting.
I did find 10 cache total the whole time I was up there. One cache was by the river and it was dark by the time I got there and so I could not see very will. I did not find the cache but the beaver in the water about 4 of them would slapp there tail every time I came near the water, scary me each time. I later read that the cache was under water because of the high rain fall and flooding in the area.
The shop is realy to small for what there trying to do, 2 bay with over a 100 buses and only 3 mechanic, need one more mech and one more bay, two would be better.
By friday I had toe OOS list down to 3 buss and one was in the dealer being repaired, and other need to go to deal for repairs.
Left friday about 3:30 and head to Springfield to fix Sam/Emly car, need to install new rotors on the front of the van there have. But I stop in Canby for pick up 4 caches and then onto Springfield, got there about 7:30 and had the rotor changed by 8:30 and left about 9:00 or so after eating. I got so sleepy I stopped at rest stop and slept about 30 minute and made it more about 1:15 am and was in bed after a bath about 1:30.
I get togo back for thursday and friday in West Linn.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gone Out Of Town

Leaving for West Linn tomorrer to run a shop for a sick shop manager.
This is in the Oregone city area, east of Portland.
I was up there little over a year ago to hold the shop together and change some things when the last manager was fire.
It was pretty wet last time and I'm sure it will be the same this time, we getting lots of rain in are area, so it will should be a lot wetter.
It fun to get into another shop and see the thing that they do diffent and how there read the company precceder manalys diffent then I see them, I can always pick up new ideals and thing that I could use in our own shop in southern oregon.
This all so gave me a chang to do some geocaching in another area after works done.
I have load 50 cache in the area, we see what I can do with these.
I need about 50 more caches to hit 900 finds, I'm at 847 now.
I painted the car saturday, it look not real good, I think going to sandy and re-paint one more time, this will gave me a chance to, to do the hood, I pick up for $25, it had a cress on one side, it was better then then the old hood.
We see what happens.

Interesting news, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to hang, after year in court hearings, its about time.