Monday, August 10, 2009

Clear Lake, Oregon

Sam and Dan dived at Clear Lake, in the McKenzie pass area.
This is the clearest lake in Oregon.
A lot of diving is done here.
This is a row boat lake only, so there is no risk of getting hit by a boat.
We dove on Saturday at the north end, and got down to 55 feet with about 100 feet of vizeable,
Super clear water, really not must to see, but just WOW.
I was told the water temp would be as low at 40* degrees, but lucky for me and Sam it was only about 44* degree.
Another dive the next morning down
to 110 feet
but very poor vizes at the South
end were the we camped.
Sam swim out to the little island to find a
caches that was not there.
We had a great time.