Monday, August 25, 2008

My First 5 X 5 Cache

"Just Clowning Around"


Difficulty: 5 out of 5 Terrain: 5 out of 5 (1 is
easiest, 5 is hardest)

This all started with BlazerFan saying it would be pretty cool to get the 5 X 5 cache, the only one in southern Oregon.
So on August 23, 2008 was the day.

The person who laid the cache had planned:
1. that you float down the river to get to this cache.
2. and the other way to get to this cache is to walk down the Rogue River trail about 15 miles and than swim across the river.
I believe that there as been only one person to to this swim.

The one other way to get to the cache is to drive to with in .65 of a mile.
And then walk down the hill, but the walk is a 2000 feet change in elevation in 6/10 of a mile, very steep.

So the plan was set and off we went, I pick up Blazerfan at 8 am and go to the walk off point on the hill and, started down the hill at 10 am.
The hill wasn't to bad, till we got near the river about 12 pm and the last 400 feet was the worsest because of the under brush was so thick. It took about 30 minutes to do.

We got to the cache spot about 12:30pm and spent, about 30 minutes looking for the cache and could not find it, there wasn't a lot of place to hide a bottle size cache on top of a house size rock on the river.

I had a small cache in my water pack and placed it were the GPSr zeroed out and called it good.
And so we start up the hill, it took about hour and half to go the 400 feet.
DrDan and BlazerFan, left the river about 1:00pm and start up the 2000 feet and 6/10 of a mile (total of about 7ooo feet in distance).

I run out of water near the top and left Blazerfan to get some more, I got to the car about 7 pm and than I walked back down to Blazerfan.
We left the parking area about 8 pm and got back in town 10pm.

This is from top of the rock at the cache site.

Bombs A Way

(click on picture to enlarge)

I found this information in a little park in Bly, Oregon, when I was traveling to the Steens Mt. Rang.
Its the only time, and one time, that bombs were drop in the USA by another county.
I didn't drive out to the site, there will be another trip for that.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Day at The Lake

John did invited me to go for a boat ride, at Howard Prairie Lake.
John friend Randy, has a 19 foot Sail boat He bought last year, so he learning how to sail this boat.
I helps to have more than one person to sail with, one to steer, another to fix the sail and another to read the book on how to sail.

Its really a nice boat, not to big, but big enough to have different sails and sail set-ups.

I didn't get a picture of the out side, but here is one from the inside out.

We sailed around for about hour, and then wind just went away.

We tried different angles but there was nothing thing out there.

You no, the last time Sam and Me sail my little sail boat, (8 feet) the same thing happened to use.
Maybe I should do this, LOL

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ants every were

When drove to Portland for the dinner boat ride on the Columbia River that Randy had invited a bunch of uses to.
Thanks Randy for great boat ride and dinner.
We all got to see some real Indians working alone the bank for the river.

So the story of the Ants.
We stayed at Sam place and drove up to the boat ride from there.
The night we got there, I park in the road below Sam apartment , and I parked under a tree.

When we came out the next morning to go to REI and some other places, the tree had
drop this sticky stuff all over the car.
The windows would hardly work.

When we came back and I parked away from the sticky tree.
When we came out to leave for the dinner ride.
The car was covered in ants.
I parked next to some weeds that touch the front end of the car and so the ants came up the weed to cross over to the car.
You can see the weed in the top picture.
The Ants were eating the sticky pitch stuff off of the car.

So a hole bunch of ants went for a 60 mph ride, but by the time we got to the boat ride most of them didn't like the ride because there was none to be found.

The Day Of the 100

One of my Goals was to ride a 100 miles on my mountain bike in one day.
So on Thursday July 31, I start the riding at 7:30AM.
Because of the heat I had to break this up.
First run: 50 miles in 3.75 hours, avenge speed 13.8.
Second run: 30 miles in 2.25 hours, avenge speed 13.6
Third run: 20 mile in 1.50 hours, avenge speed 13.4

Total : 100 miles in 7.47 hours, avenge speed of 13.4 mph,
starting 7:30 AM and finsh 9:30 PM.

I'll never do this again, my butt and hands were falling sleep.