Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Beast Is Out

The new system rolled out this last week, and I think it roll right over the shop.
After 3 days of training, I'm still not sure what I'm doing. The manual is open all the time just to create WO ( was and is in ever other shop call and RO repair order).
You can see who wrote the soft ware for the system is a soft ware writer only, no ideal about mechanic world.
The system was set-up for the bean counter world, not the real shop world, were time is every thing, the the real work is making the bus safe for kides to ride. Not look for the most $ you can turn on a bus.
The mechanic has to log in and log out of ever job he is doing. Meaning if he is doing a A inspection and a tail light fix comes in he most log off the A and on to the light inspection. The time to do the log off and on, adds about 5 minutes to each job, because he is not standing next to the termal, so now he walks to unit, log off, then create WO log on, go inspect job, then walk back in log off inspection and log on to fix, get part and fix bus, then walk back in and log off fix, then log back on A inspection.
We can do 2 dozen fix a day like this, between 3 shop.
And the icing on the cake is that there to cheap to put and termal in the RR shop. So now the mechanic write up everything and I have to hand inter ever thing for the day till he comes into the GP shop.

Now on to fun stuff.

New Record set by Dan.
I dived last week in the Smith River and had my longest dive on a 80 cu. tank of 63 minutes at 48 feet, most of the dive was at about 25 to 30 feet.

Purchested new mountain bike, Gray Fisher, wahoo, 19", realy nice to ride, I'm trying to ride 25 mile a week, had to make up 5 miles this AM, took about 30 minutes.
Bying the bike has to be cheaper then a gym fee, and I will have it forever. Trying to ride about 4 to 5 days a week, till after june then because of heat, drop to 2 days a week till it cool off.
I'm working on cleaning up on the lots of geocache that I have not been getting, after schools out June 13.
There is about 100 + to get around Grants Pass and Medford area close in, and 300 + all round the both areas.