Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Long Ways to Drive- 2.5 Million miles

This was so cool to see a every day car meaning a daily driver, Irv drove 1500 miles in the first 48 hours He had the car and then 250,000 mile in the 1st 5 years.
So facts like to drive 2.5 million miles at 50 mph would take 40,000 hours or

40,000 hours = 1,666 days = 4.7 years, this is 24/7 driving.
2.5 million miles @ 24 mpg = 104,166 gallens of gas at $2.00 per gal.= $208,333.00

Sixty-four-year-old retired science teacher and Long Island native Irv Gordon made history in 2002 when he reached a milestone no other individual had ever accomplished in more than 100 years of the automobile: driving two million miles in the same vehicle. He continues to break records with his latest one-car feat.
Four million kilometers is 2,485,484 miles, or put in a different way, Irv and his trusty Volvo P1800 have traveled the equivalent of ...

- Almost 100 times around the world (via the equator).
- Nearly five round-trips to the moon.
- 1,111.111* completions of the Tour de France (*recurring).
- 7,104 swims across the English Channel.
- More than 114 Great Races (New York to Paris).

In addition to Irv and his Volvo P1800's impressive mileage/kilometer score chart, they have racked up some other amazing numbers ...

- 710 oil changes. Irv recommends changing your oil every 3,500 miles
(5,632 km).
- 100,000 plus miles(160,934 km) per year since retiring in 1996.(275 miles a day)
- 0 false starts. Zero. Zip. Not even on the coldest of mornings.
- 0 replaced engines. The Volvo P1800 still has its original engine,
though it was rebuilt at around 675,000 miles (1,086,307 km).
- One new starter.
- $4,150. The cost of Irv's Volvo P1800 back in 1966. "The best
$4,150 I've ever spent."
- 99 tune-ups (every 25,000 miles, or 40,233 km).
- 8,285 tanks of gas (The Volvo gets 25 miles, or 40.23 km, per gallon).

This just make my back side hurt thinking about sitting in a car that long.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Walk, Walk, Walk

I have been walking evey night this week so far. Doing in threes, 1st night one mile, than 2nd night one and half miles, and 3rd night at two miles.
I don't know how long I can do this, but I been doing 3 days now.
At the 1st of December I started walking three days a week, but the bad weather got the best of me so, it didn't always work out.
Trying to get a little stronger for diving and hiking.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nothing But Freezing and Snowing

Had great time at work, last week.
Started out with 2 hour delay on thursday the Jan11, than no school on Friday the Jan 12.
Had Monday off for the holiday that was good still very frozen, about 22 deg.
Than came Tuesday the Jan 16, school was on and it was about 20 deg. out and I got to the shop about 6:15am and help with the phones and all was going okay, till about 9:30am and it started to snow, and of couse the snow stuck very quick and it turned to a mess real quick.
School thought it was going get worses so, they going to sent every one home at 1:00pm when normal time is about 3:00pm it realy did help, because most the kids go home about 2 to 3 house late then they normaly did. The sherlf was closing road in a lot of place so are bus would be sitting for 2 to 3 hours, and some driver did know how or would not put the tire chains on. So I sent a mechanic out to help but he could not get there for about 3 hours.
Had 4 buses stuck in ditches that need a tow trucks to get them out, the next to the last bus was out of the ditch by 6:30pm, about 3 hours in the hole.
The last one that was pull that night was not out till about 8:30 pm.
Both need two truck to get them out. One bus the tow truck could not get, so we left it till Wednesday. I left the shop about 7:30pm and was home about 8:15pm.
There was no school on Wednesday, thanks goodness.
So we left the chain on all of the bus and thought that we would be ready if it started snowing again, we end up pulling the chains at 2:00pm on Wednesday, that went realy will, no trouble with this at all.
I was so drove out about 11:00 to the bus we left out over night in the ditch, the boss guess that I could drive it out, up the hill, even with all four chains, on the front and back tires it would not even move 1 foot up that hill and out of the ditch at the same time.
I said lets back down the hill in the ditch, the boss thought the bus would turn over on side once the other front wheel hit the ditch.
Lucky for me I did not think it would, do this, a bus can get way over be for it will rolls on its side. I start back down and sure enough the right front tire went in and when it came up the other side of the ditch the back right back tire came out, and the front axle was straddle of the ditch, I stayed that way for about 150 feet till I came to the covert and I had to jump the front end out of the covert and out onto the road. The boss was realy pleased with this, no tow bill and the only damage was to one smal mirror.($21.00 for mirror)
Drove about 2 mile and took the chains off and got back to the shop by 12:00, the end of the day of fun.
Will this did not rap up the week, come Thurday morning some one had removed the valve cores out of 36 tires on 9 buses at Fleming middle school, we did not find this out till about 30 minutes before the buses had to roll on route,
Called in two tire company road service place and our own service truck, we had three air compressures going, cover 3 of the bus and got the others on the road, about 15 minutes late.
And about the time we finshed this a nother bus had slipped off the road, and the boss spent about 2 hours being tow out, no damage, that good.
Will friday was realy good, not a problem at all, spent all my time getting my desk cleared off and putting parts away.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

All Is Going Will

All cars running okay and weeks off for the time being.
But I trying to build a bench out of an old bed fram. The bed fram came to me about 1974 of so, from and old family friend. They have had it fore many years, I'm betting about 20 year or more.
So the fram got to be about50 years old. No one wanted it for a bed, and I did not what to throw it away, so now its going to be a bench. Its made of round steel tubing, in realy good shaper, no rust on the inside or outside.
So I have to cut in the foot part in half, and weld the two to the head part and use the rails for the cross section to seat on. I have to cut the old cross rail suport off because there to low and run the wrong direction, I'm stuck some what at removing these support, one left to do.