Sunday, June 25, 2006

Schools Out, Gone Swimming

School is over and the real work begans, lots of radiators and real main seal to replace.

Yesterday we did our first indoor dive.
Shown and test on, 2nd stage losing, cleaning 2nd stage, finding 2nd stage and breathing with a run away 2nd stage, Clean masks under water, how the BCD work and praction with this by doing the fin tilt, breathing with out mask, and tank reval and installation with 2nd stage in mouth, and using alternut on buddy and swinning with alternut for lengh of pool.
And last removing tank/BCD and getting out of pool at edge in bad weather.
Had a get time, and learnd lot of stuff, Rochelle, Daniel, Robyn, Paul and Randy are all doing this.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

10 More Day Till Its All Over

Ten more days till schools out. We got the white bus fix. Turn out to be a fuel filter that we could not find, its was on the fram rail. Test drove the bus to the top of Mount Ashland, ran very good.
Start the Chess series of caches, There is a total of 20 cache in the series, the first 17 have coords to the last three, whitch is chech # 1 and Check #2 and Check mate.
I found the first 8 caches in one evening caching last wednesday.
Its Sam's Birday firday, but He's in Engen going to school. He will be down later and we'll do a birday party for him.