Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bean's Big B-Day

Today is Ben's birthday, everone came over tonight at the house and had Germany hamburgers and cream cheese cup cakes, way good stuff.
Ben is 27 years old, Ben think he is real old.
He got dive stuff, case for his reg. and dive float, and Ben money from Molly and little cars from Robyn.
Had and good time all in all.
Ben is are old kid of 5 kids.
We are going diving at Brookings the week end and sould be a great time.
Should do about 4 to 5 dives and some fish spearing.
Sould be a great time in all.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another Day In School Busing

Just anothre day, they brake and I fix.
Boss says we don't have enough bus so we're getting some ones hand me down.
I will pick it up in Medford tomorror, its and 1995 AmTram Genesis, 66 pac.
It only going to have 100k on the odometer, it could be good. Most of the time its ends up being a lot of work to set up.
Got the rear shock assbley for my subaru and install it after work, and the tire and wheel roll straight, and no shaking at 60 mph.
The new brigde in Rogue River, is to be move into place in the next 5 days.
It only weights in at 55000 tons, and this is not the heavest item that they moved.
It will be moved 25 feet at one inch an hour.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Long Time, Up Date

Been a lone time sesse I'm writen on this brogg, so this is an up date. It had be so long that I forget my password, had to make up a new one to get in.
We been diving a lot, At squal lake, a 20 foot to the fog line, with lots of fish to see.
This labor day week end we did about 5 dives at the cost, at a place called Mill beach and Lone Ranch. these are near Brooking. We got lots of fish, (spear fishing) Rochelle, Dan, Sam, Emley, Randy, John and Ben.
Was in an accident yestday, and go hit in the right rear wheel, and lock the tire up, and spin around in a 180* and was facing the car that hit me. Had to have the green subar towed home and seem that the shock on that wheel had about 30* bend, I think I can just replace the shock and I will do the body work later this winter.
I'm still trying to get to the old Navy Momment out side of Brooking, go to make try in then next 2 weeks.