Monday, February 26, 2007

No More Snow Please!

Another day trying to keep school buses going in the snow.
2 hour late start every wear, and every one was still running late.
It was going to warm up by 10 am but it just started snowing more.
You tell the driver, if there something wrong with the tire chains get the bus in so we and fix the problem, NOOOO we have to weight till they need the chains and there 30 mile from you to say. OH! one is broken, or don't fit the wheel or what ever.
It was one of those days,
I will be up at 4 am tomorrow to check roads and make a guess if the roads will be clear to drive a bus on.

Monday, February 12, 2007

28 Years and Holding

Febury 13 we'll be married 28 years, just seem like yesterday we where married in Okland CA.
We went to Brooking , Oregon on the cost. About 2 hours away.
We hike about 4 mile each day that we where there, on cost trail over looking the ocean.
We looked for 9 geocache and found 8. Had great fun, looking for these.