Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Diving At The Swing Bridge On I.V.

 Made my secound dive for the summer of 2014 at the boy scout camp swing bridge on the Illinois River.
The temp was nice about 80 degrees and water temp about 60 degrees.
The vise was about 40 feet.
I seem to go in a big circle when I start out, and the compass kept sticking, so I came up a coup of time to get going up the steam.
But it was a good dive and I cleaned up the river some what, as you can see from the stuff I brought up.

As can be see I found a buch of stuff.
Lots of bottles and cans, I did find a big pieces of boken glass, I could not bring it  up without cutting  myself so I mashed it between two rocks in to little tinny little pieses, and buried it under some rocks.
Also I did find a $10.00 bill rolling alone the bottom, I made some money on this dive.
I made a short 2nd dive testing some new dive gear in 8 foot of water and I found nice pair sun glass.
Got down to 65 feet and got a 50 minute on an 80 cu. tank.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Toys Of The Past, Erector Set

When I was about 5 years old my parents got me my first Erector Set.
It was all metal and came with lots of little screws/bolts and nuts to hold every thing together.
It had flat metal pieces that was 3/4 inch wide and came in many lengths, 2 holes long to 20 holes long.
And other pieces, that were like panels with lots of holes space out about 3/4 inch apart so you could bolt these all together into different shapes.
I think this was one of the first new toy I got, most of the time I would get used or repair toys, and that was okay, because I did not care if was new or old, just as long as I could call it my toy.
My old Erector set was just that is was called the "Erector Set" this one in the picture is a 725 kit that my Mom found and put in a case with lots of pieces.
My old set I had, last time I saw it, was in a little metal box that it came with and some how it had gotton water in it, so it had pretty much rusted away.
I don't think that the, laws would allow kids to play with a toy of the type, today.
The screws and nut and some of the other pieces would really cause choking problems.
And most of the metal parts were galvanized or chromed, with lots of sharp edges and pointy thing, and the galvanizing can't be good to put into you mouth, and touching all the time.
I had other build type toys, but, this one I must have spent days playing and building.
Found the old set in the attic of the shop, must have went up there when Mom past away.
I did build something, and the screws and nuts seem a lot smaller then I remember or my hands and fingers were much smaller back in 1963, so that could be it.
I would build army tanks, radar station, cars and lots of other item, most what I would see traveling.
Here it is, a Radar station, it was lots of fun, really small parts.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Little Gray Back Camping

Robyn and Tyson
I made it up to the Gray Back camper ground one night. It  is located on Caves Highway going up to the Oregon Caves, next to milage post 9, gray back creek run the length  of the camping area.
Very open camp sites and lots of room.
The temp the day I got there was running  in the 80 to 90 degrees area, but it was mid July.
The creek is low enough that the little kids can play in it without being wash away or scaring them.
Up the creek is a swimming hole with a rope for the little one to swing out on.
From here, Oregon caves is up the road about 8 miles,  I.V. swing bridge is about 20 miles way and the Oregon cost is about 70+ miles.
And the  city of Cave Junction is about 9 miles down the hill, so if ice or other items are needed, even a DQ run would work.
Robyn and Rochelle and 7 kid were all camping, this day.