Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Rock at Pilot Rock

On the October 19 we (Dan, Rochelle and Daniel) made the hike to Pilot rock down by the Oregon border between Oregon and Californa.
We pick up Daniel in Medford, about 1:00PM and headed down I-5 going south.
You get off at the top off near Kalhands or if you were going sking, you go the same way, but pass by the road that goes to Mountaing ashland  sky area, and just drive on down for about three or four miles.
You will come to some dirt roads on the left and one will have a sign that say, this way to Pilot Rock.
The road goes alone for about 3 mile or so.
The Metro would not have made it down this road, but we took the Subaru, and got there with out any trouble. Lots of rock to get around, and pot hole of large size to weave around.
This is a new wilderness area, will in 2009, and so you can't drive up to the old trail head.
You now have to park at a gravel pit about 1+ miles from the old trail.
Pretty flat walking, till you get to the trail, going left up the hill and start to climb pretty good after about 300 feet and get pretty steep, till you get the the rocks and then you have climb up a gutter that goes up the hill for about 400 to 500 feet.
The top is 5200 feet, and the weather was about 60 + dergees, great veiw all around the valley.
Busy  day on the Rock, had to wait for people coming down, about 8 and then when we were on top about 9 more people come up and went down.
We spent about 1 hour on top.
The last 1/4 mile is pretty tough, have to get on all fours to work you way up the rocks.
A fun day, no climbs log this time. We climb it in 2007 and found note book with lots of story of other people who had climb and the place there were from.
Daniel and Rochelle at TH.

Looking North.

Daniel and Rochelle going UP.

Looking down, some people going down.

Rochelle using a short cut.

Rochelle side hilling.

Daniel going down.

Looking up the gutter, the top is just right there.