Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TR- 6 $$$ Dan Dream Car

 This a Triumph TR-6 build in the 70's and is a British made car.
As you can see it is a two seater sports car.
In high school a young lady in my class had a purple one, with an oak dash, it was really cool.
I would like to own one, but there not cheap.
This one is in pretty poor shape, and they still want to much for it.
Asking $17,000.00.
They have and in line 6 cylinder with a 5 speed over driver, dual side draft carburetter.
They were pretty quick in in there day.
But this car only made about 150 hp.
My Metro has 52 hp.
It could accelerate from zero to 60 mph
in 8.2 seconds and has a top speed of 120 mph.
I have seen about 3 or so in the Rogue Valley.
There could be more, but they only build
86,249 and these were exported.
They have bad rust problems in the frams and fends, and floor pans, I have seen some you could stick your feet right through the floor.
So most of them are just going away.
One day I may find one to rebuild, and just install and American engine and trans.
But it is fun to dream.

Monday, October 08, 2012

The Summer Work Out

So the summer is gone and I'm done also.
I did four 5 k races and was able to cut 1 minute off my times.
Begining with 29:53 to 28:40.
Then I did a long run, I did the loop from the house up West Evans to Pleasant creek, and back down lower Pleasant creek by Wimer grade school and up Queen Branch to Pine Grove back to the house.
Thought it was about 9.75 miles so, went by the house to add another 1/4 mile more so I could have a full 10 miles, but as it turned out 9.70 miles, but not bad for my longest  run to date, I had been running 6 miles in training lots of time all summer, so I push myself  and did the distance in 1:51.20.
Next year I would like to run to RR and and back for a 14 + miles and do one 1/2 marathon. we'll see how it goes.

Later, on September 15 I did the Ride the Rogue, I was looking at the 100 miler, but I just could not get the training in, only had 6 weeks to get ready for it, so about 2 week before I was hitting about 50 miles a week and I should have been up to over 80 miles in training.
So I went for the 64.4 miles, and that was a good call, because the upper arm, for what ever reason, were shot at about 55 miles.
At about half way point I caught up with Noah Jarvie and we road in together, we had a good ride and did the ride in about 5 hours, is came out to about 12.9 MPH average, not real fast, but good for me.
I did this ride about 2 years ago, and it was very wet ride and I did it by myself, it was about 5 1/2 hours, witch as a far cry from the fist time on a mountaing bike with over 6 hours.
But all in all it was fun, I'm off the training till some time in December and I start back in after work in the dark at the school track.
This me at the Pear Blossom, trying edge out that girl there.