Friday, August 31, 2007

Life Is A Peach

Rochelle started canning peaches about 4:30pm and by 11:00pm she had finshed 50 jars.
They are fortyniner peach, that were right at peak of ripeness no bad spots or hard green areas.
And Rochelle is real fast, all I did was go find more jars and rings and then get them in the dish washer so that there would be reddy when she started placing them in the jars.
This is way cool to see all these peach. See picture.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Rest Of The Story

That is what Paul Harvey used to say. A radio commentator.
He told a story about this cargo ship in the 1950s that was used to move coffee beans. A very large ship, the bean were stored in the hole and on the deck in bags of 100 pounds each.
The ship was able to transport 1 million pounds of coffee beans.
The ship had to cross a large stretch of oceans to deliver the beans to a factory to be processed into grind coffee.
At the time of this trip the ship sailed in to hurricane and big one at that, the waves were so big that they came over the bow of the ship causing everything on deck and as will and every thing in the hole of the boat be become soaked.
The owners of the ship and cargo now had a million pounds of coffee beans that was wet.
And had this million pounds of beans stayed dry it would have be worth 2 million dollars.
Now it was going cost money to deposes the the wet beans.
So the owners had the beans off loaded at the docks so the ship could go on.
The Company's R and D team was told to find out what the beans could be used for if anything at all.
After much testing, they found that the beans were missing a key ingredient for coffee.
The caffeine was missing from the coffee beans.
The sea water that had washed over the deck had salt in it, and that had remove the caffeine.
So now we know how de-caffated coffee came about.

But the rest of my story is.
I took the hand gun to the State police and that was a story in its self.
I left the gun in the car and walk in and informed the lady behind 2 inch bullet prof-glass that I
had found a gun in the river on Saturday and that I would like to have the serial numbers run to see if it is a stoled gun and the gun is in the car.
There looked at me for about 3 minutes like, this has never happed before, so we have no ideal what to do.
A officer sir came out from the back office and started talking to me and I told my story of how that I had found it and He came around from behind the glass and we went out to the car.
I had place the gun in a z-lock bag to keep the oil off the seat.
So I opened the car door and handed the bag to the police and go back into the police station.
The police said is the a klock, He got a little exsitered till I told him that is was a XD-40.
There took the gun and told me to wait, a little later he came out with some paper work on how to keep some thing that was found worth more than a $100.
You have to report to the county clerk what you found then place and ad in newspaper for 3 weeks and then after 90 days you take the prof of the ad into the clerk and then you can keep what you found.
Will, it turns out that the gun was stoled in the Lane county area,(Eugine) and so it will go back to the owner of the gun or insurance company.
And that is the rest of the story from me.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gone Diving In Gold Hill

Ben and my self dove at the Gold Hill, Train Bridge on Saturday.
Temperature was about 80 degrees out, and the water was 61* degrees.
We geared up by the car, I used only one layer of wet suite and Ben put on both layers.
We used the 72 cu. ft. tank thinking it would be a short dive, about 37 minutes.
In the water we drop down to about 33 feet to start with, and cut across the river to the east bank and then go up stream about 300 feet and than back across to the west bank and surface.
Saw 4 or 5 dead salmen, found some golf balls and out side mirror to a 1964 chevy.
Also a pendent with a cross attached, a toy helmet, and lots of soda cans.
The vizes was about 5 to 8 feet, so it was a little hard at times, I thought I lost Ben a coupe times, but I would catch a glimpse of his fins and we would be back together again.
We came up, on the west side up stream from were are start point was and we had about 750 psi of air left, and we had to go back down stream about 150 feet to pull out point.
At this time we dropped down and went with the current and came back to are start.
I check my air and it was about 450 psi, signaled to be to start up from 35 feet.
As we started up this under water rock cliff, (this made you feel like super man flying up and over a rocky mountain).
Any ways back to the story, as we came up, a white mark caught my eye, and reach out and pick it up, as I did so it turn into 45* auto hand gum.
Woo! thats weird, its got be a toy gum or something, got home and cleaned up it up and its a XD-40 hand gun, 40 caliber.
It has a plastic grip and steel slider and bolt, like a klock pistol, also had a light and lazer site on the bottom side of the barrel.
This gun sell for about $400 to $500 new, I going check with state police tomorrow to see it stoled or was use in a crime.
I would say its been in the water from 1 to 2 months or less.

The Portlan 8 Bridge Ride 4 (more pic)

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The Porland 8 Bridge Ride 3 (more pic)

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The Portland 8 Bridge Bide 2

This is the start.
We got ther about 7:00AM and had to chang our 10 bridge red shirt to and green 8 bridge shirt. We were gaven the wrong ones, the night before the ride.

I learn a day or two later that this was the biggest turn out of bike rider, there was 20,000 riders at the start.
If you look closely the bikes go back about 5 blocks or more and we are about 1 block from the start.

The start was a lot easer then I thought it was going to be.
There was no pushing or any thing like that, no one fellow over.
Everone started pushing there bikes and after 100 feet or so, there started to ride.

I shot is picture over my shoulder as I was riding alone, in the begain of the ride.
Daniel was right be hind me, as you can see by the picture.
The Weather was just right, the temperature was about 75 degrees and over cast.
At the 17 mile mark, I felt some rain for about 5 minutes, but that was it.

Dad, Ben, Sam and Daniel start the ride together, but broke off into pares, Ben and Daniel, Dan and Sam.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Portland 8 Bridge Ride 1

On Sunday August 11, The Boys, Ben, Sam and Daniel and my self rode the 26 mile 8 bridge ride around Portland Oregon.
More pictures to come of the cool ride.

Really Old Bikers

On Friday August 10, I took a day off and drove up into the mountains, geocaching in the Kirby Peak area.
I was looking for the so called shorter trail to the peak, I didn't find it, but I have two more ideals as to where it is.
As I was look for this short trail to the peak, I met this lady who was driving ahead of the group of people on road bikes.
I talk to her about where and when they had started.
They had start on first part of the week, I believe that she mint Sunday, that they had started in Gold Hill, Oregon and rode over Bear Camp road to the cost to Gold Beach, and then down the cost to Brookings and then in on Smith River Road and had started in Cave Juntions that morning and would finsh up in Gold Hill tonight.
She said its about 650 miles, at about 70 to 90 miles a day.
The avarage age of the riders is 65 years old, with one rider who is 82 years old, and He still ride circals arnoud the the younger riders, (So, everone is a younger rider to him?LOL).
When I left these riders they where coming on a place called Deer creek with a about a 3000 feet change at about 10 mile long.
This makes me tired thinking about doing that.

Monday, August 06, 2007

A Member of the Family Is Sold

This member join the family about six years ago, to serve and protect the your men of the family.
The 1980 Volvo was found at a tow yard auction in Medford. It had been abandon and towed in and set for about 3 or 4 months, that was in 2001.
I bit $25 as the first bit and a women was biding also, she stop biding at $45 and I won the bid at $50.
It had a died battery so I couldn't tell if it would even run at the time. I did turn the engine over by hand and check the oil and what have you, and every thing looked ok. So cross my fingers and some luck, it would be and easy fix.
Got Randy's Suburb and a car trailer from some friend from church and took it home.
Got home and had it running in about 15 minutes, the alter was bad.
The owner before me had run the battery died and left the car behind.
I pull the alter down and found the the bushes were bad, pick up some bushes at the part house for $3 and that fix it.
I really brought it for Sam to drive as His first car, and turn out that it was Daniel first car also.
It had a slate 4 cyl. and a 4 speed trans and 4 wheel dic brakes, and build like tank as the body goes. I had to replace the out side door handle about 4 or 5 time in the six years that I had it.
The inside of the doors had this big chuck of steel inside of the door to protect the driver and passagers for side hits.
I do know that Daniel did hit a deer and all the damage that it did was damage the grill, and we found another on E-bay for $40 and it was in good shape again.
With 2 different teenagers driving it, I'm sure it hit lots of thing that I will never know about.
I later fixed the right rear corner that was bent up some, I bet it out and bondod it and painted, It look better than did before.
Over the years I spent about $600 fixing it and keeping it running.
I put it in the nicko paper to sell for $300, I got about 10 call on it.
A funny thing happened, on Sunday a Brain call and said He would be out Monday night to buy the car. Will when I got home Monday, Daniel said that I had a call from Brain, and Daniel gave me the phone number and I called and Brain said wasn;t sure if he could buy the car and said could I come down the price and went me to bring it to him and on and on and on.
This is wried and so I check the phone number and found that is was different from the Sunday night call so I called and it was a different Brain, and that He would be out in a short time and get it for the $300.
And any ways It left home and now live in Cental Point. Not to far from home.
The little car did a good job of protecting Sam and Daniel, and if the car could talk I sure it would have tails to tell.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gary Has A Bad Day

When up on Fielder Mountain the other day Gary got a hole in his rear tire in the side wall.
As I start to ride off, I felt this like something was blowing on my ankle repeatedly and I look at my ankle to see what was going on, and couldn't see what had happened. I started to move out and the tire was flat.
When I unloaded the bike and got my gear on and rode to the gate and started around the post and I rode over some rocks and I must have slid side ways and cut the side wall.
the cut is about 1/2 inch long. So much for riding up the hill.
Went back to the car and load the bike and walked up to the cache.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cleaning Up On The Caches

Took Friday off and played around, on Fielder Mountain, I removed two cache because 1, its a long driver to get these ones and if you miss a turn , you could drive around for some time, and 2, with the price of gas at $3.00 gallon these days.
So I took the hard ones, to find and left the one cache on top, its a drive a hike and not much driving around to look for this one and it as great view of the Rogue River and Savage creek area. The cache name is Old Bike parts with a view, the cache has old dirt bike parts from the days when I dirt biked on this mountain. And it was reported missing so it need checking.
I add some pic to the cache page to help those hunting, to better find this one after the trip up to the top.