Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The MTC, Look OUT

Elder Ford, has left for the MTC in Utah.
He will be there for three weeks, and then move on to California for only 101 weeks in the mission field.
Daniel is the most ready Elder I have ever seen go out, but, me being his Dad, shouldn't have anything to do with my thinking. LOL.
We are really proud of Daniel, He is going because he wants to go, not because the bishop or parents say he should go.
He truly has the spirit of missionary work.
He left on Wednesday November 17.
We mist Him at Thanksgiving, but He will be back, in 2 Thanksgiving from now.
I'll get my letter writing skill tune-up and share in his experience by hearing from him all the time.
And Alex was there, so we hope He doesn't think Daniel is on a plane for 2 years.
I can see it now, every time a plane flys over, Alex will wave at Daniel. :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bear in the Neighborhood

The bears are coming out for dinner.
A friend from work, send these to me.
She live down the road about 3 miles from are house.
The bears, three bears come down off the hill be behind the house.
The images are not very good when enlarged.
I had been planning a hike in the area were the bear are coming out of, to look for a old grave marker of a child, from around the 1900's.
Not sure if I do it now.
Very brave bears, most stay away from humans.
The owner of the night camera has a dog, the bears may be eating the dog food?

Monday, November 01, 2010

Book Report " Faces in the Fire"

Faces in the Fire
By T. L. Hines

Really good story.
Starts out with Kurt waking up and not knowing who he is.
The only way he, finds out what his name is, is by check his only piece of ID he had was his driver's license. He had a application for truck drivers school and 10 thousand dollars in cash in a money belt.
He buys cloths at estate sales, and the dead people who owned the cloth before, talk to Kurt.
And he does art work from what they say to him.
At some point this list of ten numbers show up one the scene, and the number play a big part in each stanza of the story.
The story is written will and the story flows will with out any slow spots in the story line.
It one of those books that, once you get in about 5 charters, you can't but it down.
A good 5 stars.