Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Up To Date Info

The end of June, the family went to Seattle, to dive in Puget Sound.
Had a really good time. I did 9 dives in about 6 days.
Dove at Edomen dive park, saw 4 foot lecode and there was this cabizon with very big head, about 18 inch acrossed.
Lots of small boats, in the dive park 15 to 30 foot long, way cool to see.
At a place called 100 foot rock. You dive on a rock thats 100 feet to the bottom, pretty dark, down there, and some fish.
But as I was coming up and came these red string things, I looked above me about 10 feet, and about 20 ahead was this red jelly fish, with a body about 12 across.
The string spread out over about 35 to 40 foot area, very cool to see.
I kept swimming to the right to get around it and missed most of the string, but one got me on the upper lip, not to bad, but weird.
We dove at Mukoto ferry area, look around for a boat, but could find it, one of the other divers frecked out at 95 feet because of the cold and being very dark, I took them to the top, and all was ok.
We did dive here again to make this my deepest dive to date, got down to 126 feet, and Rochelle beat that by going to 131 feet, I was off the bottom about 6 or 7 feet to keep from stirning up the mud. As we came up we did a 3 minute safty stop, we found this rope and came up it to bouy, we stop at about 20 to 15 feet, and held on to the rope.
I was watching dive computer to track the time and turn it over to look at the detph and found the we move up about 10 feet and I hadn't move on the rope, so I drop down 5 feet to get back down to 15 feet and stay there.
What had happed was with that the 5 of use coming up the rope we pulled the bouy down about 10 and with high tide, it was under water about 5 feet.
All so a funny thing happpened, as we hanging on the rope, these little, weed look thing got all over our gloves and wet suit, as we were taking our gear off, I saw that there were moving, and I looked closer and there looked like little shurimb or skorpins, and they dug into our gloves and wet suits, had to pick each one out as they wigged around.
Lots of thing like this happend all week, to many to list.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wow, Time Flys

I thought it had alone been a couple weeks that I last post something, June 2, its been about 8 weeks. The new system is still new, but now we (the shop personal) have figered out some trick to the system, some back doors so to speak.
Tuesday we will do the first part inventory with this system, should be interesting.
What else happened in the past 8 weeks.
Gray the new bike tryied to kill me two times, front wheel in chuck hole and me over the handle bars, and about a week later I hit a tree with my left shoulder on a skinny trail on waters creek trail, I was only going about 8 mph, it knocked me off the trail and down the hill side about 15 feet. It seem that nothing was broken or the Gray did have any trouble.
About week later I was diving in Seattle, and my left shoulder started aking like a bone brake would hurt, so I think I cracked something in my left should area. Started carriering the dive gear on the right shoulder more it is seems ok after that.
I found the the seat that came with the bike had very little padding on it, and it seem to be hurting more then should so I got another seat, and when I was install it, I found out that the seat was bent and crocked.