Monday, November 03, 2014

The Big Wreck

Left rear stuck in wheel well.
At about 4 week into school one of my big buses was T boned.

Bus was traveling on a straight peace of road that crossed an intersection that had a stop sign for the cross traffic.
The bus had the right of way with no stop sign for the bus.
Now the blazer looking car coming on to the intersection , no one seem to know how fast but I would guess between 35 and 45 mph.
Another pic. of broken spring.
Broke leaf spring.

On right is fuel tank in tank cage and tires on left side.
The bus was empty, heading out after 1st AM and going to pick up its 2nd AM and was about 3 minutes from picking up his first student.
We think the bus was moving between 35  and 40 mph.
By the time the bus driver saw the car coming the bus was about 50 feet from intersection.
and the car did not brake at all, no skid mark at all.
And no skid marks for the bus, only the one moving side ways.

The place the power pole hit and damage top, without breaking glass

So now the the car hit the side of the bus on the right side between the fuel tank and the rear tires.
With the tires on the left side of the car trying to drive over the hood of the car, and dragging it alone.
The bus broke traction and slid completely around facing the opposite direction, pointing back down the road from were it had just came from.
But first the bus hit a power pole and cut if of even with the ground and mashing the bumper and top of the bus with out breaking the windshield and ended up parked in the ditch, just like you parked  it there.  No one hurt, all walked away, but the power was out for about 6 hours for the locals.
Now my 19 year old bus it totaled, with a cost $20,000.00 to fix, it is not going to be repaired.
One of the safest vehicles on the road take a hit, save everyone. (I did start the motor and drove it about 10 feet to get it hooked up to the tow truck)