Thursday, May 25, 2006

A B-Day For the Rock

Rochelle birthday today, I have been getting her stuff long for about month.
First I saw this is little trail to use behind the riding lawn mowr at B-Mark.
So I Medford story I found the last one, and it was all put together, I just had to fitting into the back of my car. It realy fit with the hatch closed.
Than last week, one of the guys at work said he had a table saw he was going to put it in his yard sell.
So I check it out, and its a crafsmens with iron table and its ten inch.
Stop by and check it out and its a little old but its about four feet wide and on wheels.
Looks realy in good shape, so I got it for $80.00.
Getting it into the car was fun, I stuck in the back and tie it to the seat belt on the back seat.
Got home ok.
Rochelle, Dan, Daniel, Ben, Molly, Robyn and Paul all went to dinner at AppleBee's had a good time.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Work,Work, Work, Thats What Saturdays Are For

I was going to finsh the bushs stack on the new drive way saturday but car thing cam up.
TheVolvo got pull over for to loud of exhaust system in Rogue River and and Daniel run out of gas on the way home friday night and had to walk about 2 or so miles to a friends and got a ride.
And Paul came over to get the half shaft changed because the boot was tore and the CV joint is going out. This took about hour and half to do, not to bad.
The Volvo I had to drope the hole forward exhaust system and weld the some hole and weld the front and back together, under the car. I hate to weld blind, it realy looks bad.
Got it all installed, and its not as loud.
One the guys was sell a 10" table saw at work, Rochelles beem wanting a good saw.
Its a little old, but it works good, Got it for $80, this seem like good deal.
So she has a much better table saw now.
Happy Birthday Rochelle.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Counting The Days Till School it out.

Only about 4 weeks till school is out.
Looks like this summers job is re-doing the bus yard parking.
As will as replace a tank in the wash rack system, I need to build leg to hold the tank above the other one.
I need about the 2 week of time to rebuild the hold system.

Friday, May 12, 2006

A Great Tripe, To Maui, Comes To An End

Left on May 1 and got back on May 9.
Had a real good time. Our condo was about 100 yards from the water and the tempation stay between 73 and 83 degree.
We drove about 750 mile on and island 50 miles long by 10 mile wide.
I found about 20 caches in some realy cool places.