Sunday, July 10, 2011

Save the Retiles, Day

I kept coming across little animals that needed saving from cars.

This one was laying across the road up in the mountains and I just missed him or her with the car, went right under it, right between the tires.

I stopped and got out to get this guy out of the road and He would not move, then I bumped him with my foot, then He was moving pretty slow.

Then a day later I went out jogging and at the mail box was a blue belly lizard on the road.
Again He would not get off the road.
Then I bumped him with my shoe and off He went.

So when I get round the corner, and up Redthorn road, there is this box turtle in the road, walking really slow. He is about 6 inch across his back.

Will he was moving any ways, even if it was slow.

And you know when I bump Him with my shoe He just stopped right there.

I pick up the turtle and and was carrying Him across the ditch, when I slipped and fell down and drop the poor thing, but lucky for the turtle He has a hard shell, and all was alright.
That is the day of the great Reptile migration