Thursday, September 27, 2007

A View of Pilot Rock.

This is a hike that I would like to do one of these days. Not a long one, its about 1.5 miles to the top, from the parking area. The only thing is that as you get closer to the top, you have to crawl over the rock for the last 300 yards. I was there about mid August and was checking it out, and you could easy do this in 1 to 2 hours.
Pilot Rock can been seen from most place on I-5 when passing through the area.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Metric Ride Of the Century

Molly and my self started out from the park about 8:45 and head out of Rogue River by the mill on N. River road.
We rode about 16 miles to the 1st rest stop, not a bad run, only stayed about 15 minutes and move on before the other 100 or so bikes left.
As we rode into Jacksonville, this guy yelled out from his car "what are you doing on fat tire bike" and than as we turn the corner to start up the Hill With No Top He yell something about what a way tough rider, I did not know what He was talking about till I found the Hill With No Top.

At the 2nd rest stop, at the Applegate store.
At the 1st rest stop on Old Stage Road.

We did find the top of the Hill, it must have come down out of the clouds or something. Molly had to pass me at this point, I saw a 5 dollar bill alone side the road and had to stop to get, (and thats my story and I sticking to it).

We rode into Applegate Cafe at 12 noon, there was a real party going on here. Lots of food and about 200 + riders. We stay about 20 minutes.
We had traveled 36 miles at this time.
At 42 miles my leg seem to have run out of gas, and it was really had to push on, I was sure I could push through it. It took about 7 miles before I come really push again, we we're on New Hope road and a good name, at the time for our hopes was re-newed.
(50 miles)

Dan at the begining of the ride in Rogue River.

Molly at the begining of the ride.

At the last rest stop, at the Reinhart Park, we still had about 10 miles to go with on 2 hills to go over and one really good down hill, Molly and I got up to 40 mph and coasted about 1/2 witch was ok.
We got into Rogue River about 3:30pm, at 68.25 miles.
Rochelle met use there and we set in the grass under the tree and had a nice dinner and rested and rested and rested.
At the time I was sure I was never going to do this again.
Its now been about 3 days and I'm thinking, just maybe JUST MAYBE, I can to the 100 miler next year. LOL.
Oh yeah, The fat tire bike made it in, the only fat tire, to ride the 68.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Really Grape Story

This story starts out with Grape in the birthing center.
This area usually is dark and moist, these are the key factors.
They start out as cute little flowers, as most of use are in the beginning. This area is kept dark so that the moister that they receive will be used wisely, to help them grow into healthy adults.
When the time is right the birthing proses begins, and I bet you are wondering when that is, will a good sign of when this is to take place is when you see the top of the head poking out between the,(will I think you know what I'm talking about here, so I will go no farther with any more details).
There is a painful part of the birthing, that is require and that must take place to come out into the bright and shinning world, that is the cutting of the cord, so as to be able to separate the little ones from the birth parent.
This is done by a highly skilled surgeon, who uses the sharpest of tools, so that the lest amount of pain is felt.
The little ones live in a nurser( as seem above) for a short time before moving in with the family.
This pried is a short stay, maybe 24 hours at most, but they are watch over to make sure that the cat dose not play to hard with them or the dog eats them.
Now the tripe home is the most impotent one, you go to the Vat Room and wait for the time to be call down the tube to there new families.
There are in the purest form at this time, being only juice, as we all know, families are the most Godly way to live with others, in the Grape community
The place were there live, is in condos, as can be seen below.
There is about 50 condos in a community.
Then one day there are called up to go to heaven, witch is the greatest thing that could every happen to good Grapes.
The top of the condos are opened and releasing all to inter the great O in the center of the face of the Great Lord Rochelle, who is the greatest and kindest of all the great ones.
With help from the lower being, Dan, who helps in the releasing of the Grape on to the the great O.
This season had 4 nursers and 50 condos.
The Tomato occult, keeps trying to move to the upper class of the Grape Community.
But with the occults, blood sacrifice, the Grapes will never let them move in.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Daniel and Soccer

Daniel is the family soccer player.
He had his second game on Tuesday, He played really will, He plays in the forward position.
The team play will together, for not play at all the last season.
The game was play at Rogue River High School, aginst IV School.
Our team won 5 to 0 and Daniel made two of the goals.
One of the goals was very exsiting to watch, Daniel start at about the 40 yards from the goal post.
He was near the side line and the ball started to roll over the line, at about 12 inch from line, Daniel had fallen down on his side and He toe hooked back into him self and got up all at the same time, and made line for the goal, He cut in and out of the other plays and kick the ball between the legs of other player, and at about 20 feet or less He made and goal. This is hard to put into words, but you had to be there.
I hope the rest of the season is as much fun as this game was.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Going For It

Yesterday I started riding at 8:15AM from the house and rode down West Evans to the golf course on Williams highway, thats 20 miles from the house.
The return tripe I came down Rogue River highway to Rogue River a than back on East Evans to the house at 11:45AM
Rode 40 mile in 3 1/2 house.
This was a test ride to see if I could do the Ride The Rouge on September 22.
There is a ride that starts in Rogue River and goes out Williams highway to Jacksonvil than to Gold Hill and than back to Rogue River, 60 miles total.
I did the 40 miles in 3 1/2 hours, that is about a mile every 5 1/4 minutes or 11 to 12 mph.
So this 60 miles should be about 5 1/2 to 6 hours to ride, maybe.
Molly said she going to ride with me, I do know if she registered yet ?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Face Lift

The old card was cool, but this one is really nice. The color is what makes this card nice to look at.
It makes it interesting because it seem to all most change when you move it around.
And the round corners seem to feel different when holding it, verse the square corners.
Molly make these card, as a side business, dose all the art work and makes the order with the printer.
My way cool kids. :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Really Tall People

On Monday morning I met my daughter on Roxy Ann at 6:30AM to ride around the loop road, up there and catch the sun rise.
I got there and found that my front tire was really flat, I did have had another tube but I would reath ride so I just pumped it up, and hope it would last the 5 miles around the base.
We started out with our sweat shirt on till we got to the hill by the rock pit, way steep hill, got about 50 feet up it be for stopping, could have rode harder and made it, but I would have had to wait for Molly any ways, so walk up with Molly.
The sun was up when we top the steep hill, a great view from here, this is were we met these really tall people.
There were really nice people, had a great time talking and catching up on things from the last time we were up here.
At this time there was a terrible 2 bike accident with one person involved ?
This is what happens when you try to ride two, will two mountain bikes on a mountain trail.
Now if this had been on two road bikes, this would have never happened, because there build different and this could just never happen, will the only thing that I've heared that happens on road bikes is that you can get your ring finger cut by reaching back to turn on the light or something like that anyway.
We had a great morning ride around the base of the mountain.
Oh yal, we had some close call with one deer and a snake, but the great riders that we are, we slipped by then with out any trouble at all.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Gary Turns 400

Yep, Gray turns 400 just last week, and he still feels good and moving down the road ok.
He came into are family on May 26, 2007, bright new and shinny.
Gary now has 400 mile on his odeimeter.
Its been 96 days ago.
That is 4.166 miles per day.
And that is .1735 miles per hour.
And that means about.002891 miles per second.
Or at two ride a week that comes out to 14.28 miles a ride.
What we do to have fun.