Friday, August 27, 2010

Geocaching Road Trip

Fort Rock.

A nearby tuff ring has a water-formed cave, called Fort Rock Cave, where in 1936 Dr. Luther Cressman from the University of Oregon discovered sagebrush sandals and human artifacts dated approximately 9,000 to 10,000 years ago
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I made my way by going into K falls and came up hwy, 97 and cut over the hill to Fort Rock and camp about mile away.

It is pretty cool rock formation.
It was getting late when I got there so I did not hike that far into as I would like to have.
I did find about five cache in the area before heading up the road.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Book Report "Lost Symbol"

Lost Symbol.
Authors Dan Brown.
Another new book came out I think in 2009.
Robert Langle is in the story as will, and plays the main caritor
There is the really bad guy, who wait the great screct,
The interesting part is this all takes place in Washington D.C.
So some of the weid stuff he bring up in the story is mostly true stuff, I check into some of the facts and thing and items and building with there odd stuff about them is pretty much on the mark.
I like the book and would give it a 4 out of 5.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Sky Lake Wilderness Hike

On July 6, Daniel and Dad hike into the Sky Lake Wilderness.
The area we choice to hike to was the Seven Lake basin.
And we found seven lake and visited six of the seven.
We started out from the house about 9 am and arrived at the trail head about noon.
Very nice day not to hot, and the mosquito were as hungery as ever.
I was bite about 4 time just butting the pack on, so it came off and the bug spray was applied.
We start up again and made are way up the trail, through old growth timber that is starting to die, and is very beautiful.
At about 2 mile we came to the great gopher meadows, with huckleberry bushes just starting to bloom out.
The wild flows were just coming on when we passed by.
At about 4 miles, we came to our first snow drift, pretty small, but about 50 feet across.
For the next two and half miles the drifts got bigger till that was all we were walking on was snow.
The trail was gone, so we had to relie on 70 year old trail blaze marks on the trees.
At time we couldn't find these, so we just walked in the general direction till we would find one.
It took about 4 hours to walk in, to lake Alta, I was shock the lake was full of snow.
No place for a bath this time.
We did find a place to set-up are camp on dry ground.
Day two we hiked down to the other 5 lake, and Daniel really wanted to go to Grass lake, because it had lots of grass to lay in, or so it looked like from base camp.
When got to grass lake, the grass was pretty rough and wet looking and He did not lay down on it.
We stay two nights, and looked like it was going rain pretty hard on uses but the wind blow the clouds out, so we stay pretty dry.
Now our shoes stay pretty wet, and drying them over the fire, almost melted them, maybe just a little.
Had now camera at the time so I got now pictures, but there is all ways next time.
It took about 2 1/2 house to hike out and it was sure hot when we got back to the car.
Glade we had A/C this time.