Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The DC Trip

Will we drove out on the March 17 about 7pm for Redding CA. and spent the night there.
Then drove out about 7am from Redding CA and made it to Windsor AZ the other side of Flagstaff AZ about 10:30pm.
On Sunday March 19 we stopped Windsor and looked at the guy standing on the corner in windsor AZ with 7 girls on the mind and a flat bed for pulling up to check me out.
So there was brass statue and a flat bed ford truck and on the wall was and Eagal.
So much for something to see there.
On Monday March 20 we drove from Flagstaff AZ to Ok, city Ok and spent the night there, not much to say.
On Tueseday March 21, left from Ok city, OK to some place the other side of ST. Louse.
We stopped in St. Louse and went up into the St. Louse Arch, it is 630 feet high.
See all over the place.
Made into VA to Zac house about 3pm.

The next day March 22 Wesday, used Zac's car and found the meto and rode into down town DC and got off about a block from Ford Threader were Lincon was killed by John Booths.
Then about 2 blocks way, was the Spy museison and spet about 2 hours walking around in there. On to the Nation Acive to see the cool documents and down the street to Museison of History, saw lots of cool thing like Signfil shirt, Dorth's red shoes, Armstrong Bike.

On Thursday March 23, back into DC to see Lincols menoreo and all 3 war menoreos.
and then over to White House, and took some pic, and back the Museison of History and finshed it off.

Friday, March 24, Zac took the day off and drove out to Arlington Cementy seen the Unknow solder and the changing of the guards very interesting and JFK gave. Then over to Mt. Verns to see Geroge Washington house he had a nice place.

On Saturday March 25, went to the DC Zoo and over to Air Museison and spent about 1 hour looking at Nol Gal plan and Combin space craft, lot very cool air crafts.
Did go and get my last geocaches before leaving DC

On Sunday, March 26 on place by 7am and into AZ by 2pm run to cach next plan in 20 minutes then onto Portland Or, and of the plan by 4pm and rented a car and got to Rogue River by 7pm

A realy good trip.
Also found 14 caches.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Getting Ready For the Trip

The trip is coming up fast. I have been getting ready for about 3 days now.
We will be gone for about 7 days.

Rochelle and the kids did my B-day sunday and I recived a new Garmin GPSmap 60C.
It is realy cool, lots and lots of new items that the old Legend did not have.
I wll be using it on the DC trip, so I've been testing it out.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Knock The Ball Out Of the Park

The inspection over and came through with flying colors.
Out of 16 buss looked at, only one out of service for broken down seat foam on two sets.
Not one mechanic problem found, on any of the buss.

Out tonight geocaching in the area and found five cache, was only planning on getting 3 or maybe 4 at tops.
End of the Line
Jelly Stone Park
In Joy (2G and Counting)
The Smell May Kill You
Oops! Forgot To Do Something
With the palm down loaded with all the caches this is almost to easy. This should rise my percentaged of finds to no finds.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Will Another Day Down With DOE

The State inspected about 6 bus and there passing with flying colors, only very minor stuff.
One more day and we're see what happens to the rest. I've been through about 6 or 7 of these over the years, so its nothing new, but with diffent inspecteder there each seem to pick there own area for importace and work around that, as will as there interation of the rules, so its a new tripe each time we go through these.
Like to day a bus that has a PUC plate can not carrie kids on a home to school ride, even if every thing is a legal bus by all standers. Think some one has be reading between the lines to much.

Sold the 93 ford to day.
Use the money to pay for the fly tickets back for DC.
So no gain. But break even.