Sunday, September 14, 2014

Geocaching Were Alien and Gaint Bee Hive Hide Out

This must be a skeletal head of an alien that crashed land on the back side of table rock.
Been here many years.
Really it is the hip bone from a cow or elk.

There is about 30+ geocaches in this area behind table rock, called the Table rock reserve, not sure why it is there, but I think the BLM is holding on to it because it has some history or geology interest.
Any way it is open to the publice to walk around on but you must stay on the trails?
This has rased a big question on my mind.
There is no trails that I could tell, one road that runs back to a old pond site.
So I just walk all over it looking for caches.
I did find a large agate and some bit of petrified wood.
I did find about 25 geocaches in the area.
I did find this poor old guy scatted all over the place, as you can see here are some of his bones.
Looks like they have been out there for about 5 years from the looks of them.

So I started picking up one here and another over there and pretty soon it looked like I had enough of HIM to put back together.
The the bone were pretty clean and the sun had bleach them pretty good, but I had some rubber work gloves in the pack so I was wearing them as I was building our friend.

The head was gone and the lower legs as well.
But think about 60 % is here.
And I think I got ever thing in the right place for the most part.

Then as I work my way around the area I did find this big bee hive rock.
There was a cache at the base on the back side.
It is about 90 feet high and you can climb up the back side to the top.
Not much to see from the top, it is a fun climb any ways.

I did the find on New Years 2014 day off, it took about 3 to 4 different time to find most of the caches.

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