Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Diving At The Swing Bridge On I.V.

 Made my secound dive for the summer of 2014 at the boy scout camp swing bridge on the Illinois River.
The temp was nice about 80 degrees and water temp about 60 degrees.
The vise was about 40 feet.
I seem to go in a big circle when I start out, and the compass kept sticking, so I came up a coup of time to get going up the steam.
But it was a good dive and I cleaned up the river some what, as you can see from the stuff I brought up.

As can be see I found a buch of stuff.
Lots of bottles and cans, I did find a big pieces of boken glass, I could not bring it  up without cutting  myself so I mashed it between two rocks in to little tinny little pieses, and buried it under some rocks.
Also I did find a $10.00 bill rolling alone the bottom, I made some money on this dive.
I made a short 2nd dive testing some new dive gear in 8 foot of water and I found nice pair sun glass.
Got down to 65 feet and got a 50 minute on an 80 cu. tank.

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