Sunday, January 20, 2013

New High Number

It happened on Saturday Januay 19,  I found my 2500th cache.  Only took a little over 9 years and 9 months to do. Been pretty slow this past year, not going out to many times to cache. But here it is, the cache is called "Copper" named after a road near by the cache.  I had been at 2495 for about six months, so I got out there and did it. This is the GC number to the cache, if you click on the GC number it will take you to the cache page.
GC2JTFG I did find 8 other cache that same day, it was a good day caching, I would like to plan a road trip this summer and do more caching in a different part of Oregon and Califoria, I have to work on that.

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Shannon said...

Great Job! I love that you just went out there and made it happen.