Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day Trip 2014

 After opening grifes on Christmas morning
We were wanting to go were there was snow, so we drove up to  Union Creek area.

No snow to speak of, so we checked out the Rogue River in and around the area.

This is Daniel and Rochelle, to the right at
nature bridge over look.

Looking down the river from picture below you can see the water bubbling up on the left side middle.

The river in the summer time when water is low it will go underground for about 200 feet and come back up  in the spot.

It is all fenced off, so no one can fall in.

There must have been a few who have fall in.

I have only hear of a child who fell in and came out the other side with bruses and scratch but lived.
It look like it had flooded over the banks in the last 2 day before be were thee.

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