Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Motor Bike?

I had seen this bike with a motor on it going down the road some time ago, and had wanting to get a closer look at the set-up.
So I saw it locked up and stopped to get some pictures and a closer look.

This is a Diamondback, older model, but a strong frame.

I could not tell what the motor was, could be Honda, Yamaha, or some thing else.

It is a 2 stroke that runs on mix fuel. So, gas and oil has to mixed together, like 30/1 mix.

Meaning 30 part gas to 1 part oil.
And the reason for this, is that 2 stroke do not have a oil pan to oil the bottom of the motor when it running.
Un-like you car motor it has a place to hold motor oil so the bottom of engine is lubed, with a oil pump and splashing oil.

This looks to be about 50 cc to 90 cc motor from a real motor bike, like a kids dirt bike.

 I think it would be interesting to make something like this with a weed eater motor, I have a 49 cc motor in the shop, one of these days.


Shannon said...

Looks like fun!

blazerfan said...

I put an electric motor on my old Diamondback. I got a kit online. Not as powerful as a little gas motor, but a lot quieter.